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Here's what's up next week on the "The World's Modern Jazz Radio Channel"...MOJA Radio @ www.mojaradio.com

RMOJA Radio/WEEKLY FEATURES   (6-12 September 2010)
We’ll celebrate a unique vocalist this Monday, September 6th, as we present another edition of our special feature, MONDAY WITH THE MASTERS on MOJA Radio, and this time the focus is on the great CASSANDRA WILSON. Cassandra established herself as a vocal talent to be reckoned with when she made her move from her original home in the south to New York and became the main vocalist with Steve Coleman & the adventurous M-Base Collective. After a series of albums with her unique take on standards she began to carve out her own place in jazz with her many releases of original material. Along the way she’s won Grammy awards in both the 20th and 21st century and risen to international stardom. So listen this Monday and you’ll hear her whole story as well as lots of her fantastic music. Listen for MONDAY WITH THE MASTERS twice every Monday, at Noon Eastern/9 AM Pacific, with a replay Monday night at 9 PM Eastern/6 PM Pacific and this week spend an hour with one of MOJA’s most unique voices, the great CASSANDRA WILSON!

In the mid-1980’s when fusion had faded and the softer side of things began to permeate the radio with the emergence of contemporary jazz, a fun, up and funky trend sprang out of the clubs and concert halls of England that brought new life to jazz.  If you’d like to hear some just listen four times each week to the newest feature on MOJA Radio, THIS IS ACID JAZZ! You can hear it twice every Tuesday at 9 AM and again at 9 PM EST and twice on Sunday’s at 9 AM & 9 PM EST as part of the Sunday Specials.  The phrase Acid Jazz came from the famous English DJ Gilles Peterson and each week you’ll hear not only the music of the English groups he discovered but artists from the USA and around the world that joined in on a movement whose repercussions still reverberate today and the words of Mr. Peterson himself! So if you can’t get enough of the funky stuff come and get it on THIS IS ACID JAZZ four times each week on MOJA Radio! 

As we premier our newest featured “This Is Acid Jazz,” here on MOJA Radio, we cordially invite you to join us inside the world’s only imaginary jazz club for rare, live performances by some of the greatest bands in the genre from the UK and The USA on this week’s edition of LIVE @ MOJALand which you can hear four times each week here on MOJA Radio.  Listen Wednesday morning at 9 AM ET and again Wednesday night at 9 PM East/6 PM West, and twice again on Sunday at 11 AM & 11 PM ET, as part of the Sunday Specials. This week, since we’re breaking out this new hour-long feature, we’ll present THE GREATS OF ACID JAZZ LIVE. You’ll hear four of the groups that helped define this fine and funky trend in jazz that exploded in the 1980’s & 1990’s from both sides of the pond.  From the UK you’ll hear The James Taylor Quartet and The Brand New Heavies, and from the USA it’s Groove Collective and The Greyboy All-Stars. So if you'd like to check it out, just join us for THE GREATS OF ACID JAZZ LIVE on this week’s edition of LIVE @ MOJALand!

Join Russ Davis as he gives you an hour of nothing but the freshest MOJA on THE ALL NEW MUSIC REVUE every Thursday at 9 AM East/6 AM West with a replay at 9 PM East/6 PM West, and twice again on Sundays at 10 AM & 10 PM ET.  We’ll give you more from guitar wiz Bill Frisell who squeezes everything you can out of a trio of guitar, drums and viola on the new CD simply titled “Beautiful Dreamers.” Trombonist Conrad Herwig joined by all-stars like Randy Brecker and Eddie Palmieri give us “The Latin Side Of Herbie Hancock.” New Orleans master saxophonist further establishes his place as a great composer as well as a player with his new work “Quantum Leap.” Trombone master Steve Turre grooves like crazy with the help of guitarist Russell Malone and others his new one, “Delicious And Delightful,” and we’ll close it out with the new album from one of Europe’s most inventive trumpeters and nu-jazz visionaries Nil Petter Molvaer with the album titled “Hamada” So, if you want to keep up with all the newest MOJA, just listen to THE ALL NEW MUSIC REVUE four times each week! 
Here’s the new music you’ll hear this week…
•	Conrad Herwig....The Sorcerer…The Latin Side Of Herbie Hancock (Half Note)
•	Conrad Herwig....Watermelon Man…The Latin Side Of Herbie Hancock (Half Note)
•	Nils Petter Molvaer....Friction…Hamada (Thirsty Ear)
•	Nils Petter Molvaer....Cruel Altitude…Hamada (Thirsty Ear)
•	Steve Turre....Delicious & Delightful… Delicious & Delightful (HighNote)
•	Steve Turre....Ray’s Collard Greens… Delicious & Delightful (HighNote)
•	Donald Harrison....Quantum Time…Quantum Leap (FOMP)
•	Donald Harrison....Young MJ…Quantum Leap (FOMP)
•	Bill Frisell....Better Than A Machine…Beautiful Dreamers (Savoy Jazz)
•	Bill Frisell....Benny’s Bugle…Beautiful Dreamers (Savoy Jazz)

This Friday is September 10th and I’ll be honest with you…it’s my birthday.  So I’m going to be a little selfish on our special feature we call IF IT’S FRIDAY, THIS MUST BE FUSION. Every Friday beginning at 7 AM until midnight Eastern time we’ll begin each hour with a classic piece of Jazz Fusion history and this week I’m giving myself a birthday present as we present “RUSS DAVIS’S FUSION FAVORITES.” I have to admit that before fusion came along I really didn’t get into jazz that much, and I, like many others, used fusion as the portal through which I developed a deep love for jazz in general. I remember the first time I heard Miles Davis going electric on the “Jack Johnson” album, then it was Return To Forever’s “Romantic Warrior,” and the great work of Weather Report, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Herbie Hancock, Jeff Beck, the funkiness of George Duke, Jean-Luc Ponty, Frank Zappa and so much more.  You’ll hear that and more if you join me for “RUSS DAVIS’S FUSION FAVORITES,” on this week’s edition of IF IT’S FRIDAY, THIS MUST BE FUSION.

This Saturday, September 11th, we’ll celebrate the premier of a brand new show as we present our weekly feature WORDS & MUSIC on MOJA Radio this one titled “THE ACID JAZZ STORY!” When contemporary jazz emerged presenting a more accessible side of jazz, a trend exploded out of the clubs, dancehalls and concert venues of England that took its inspiration from American Jazz, Soul and Funk. Once they’d worked it out with groups like The Brand New Heavies, James Taylor Quartet, Ronny Jordan and others, the rest of the world caught the bug with the work of Holland’s New Cool Collective and the USA’s Groove Collective, Liquid Soul, Brooklyn Funk Essentials and The Greyboy All-Stars. Those artists and the DJ who coined the phrase “Acid Jazz,” Gilles Peterson, will tell us the story. Interview segments followed by music will begin each hour from Noon through Midnight Eastern time (9 AM-9 PM Pacific). Join us for “THE ACID JAZZ STORY,” on this week’s WORDS & MUSIC.

Twice every Sunday listen for three of our most popular special features on what we call THE SUNDAY SPECIALS here on MOJA Radio. At 9 AM & 9 PM Eastern time you’ll hear an hour of fun and funky stuff on JAMMIN’ JAZZ…JAZZ FOR THE NEW GENERATION WITH MICHELLE SAMMARTINO followed at 10 AM and 10 PM Eastern time by our weekly look at the hottest new MOJA coming out on THE ALL NEW MUSIC REVUE. Then we’ll wrap it all up at 11 AM and 11 PM Eastern time with an hour inside the world’s only imaginary jazz club for rare, live performances on LIVE @ MOJALAND. So listen for THE SUNDAY SPECIALS twice every Sunday from 9 AM to NOON, with a replay Sunday night from 9 PM to Midnight Eastern/6-9 PM Pacific on MOJA Radio!

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