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hi nou:

an inspired idea...having had the pleasure and privilege to see The JH Exp's 1st (fillmore east) and last (randall's island)
US performances, ill "program vicariously through you"  hope this helps you and all other radio folks considering your very 
worthwhile idea--and YES much of MILES post Bitches Brew fits the groove ("Big Fun" et al)

and of course the apochyphal Miles "JACK JOHNSON" with John McLaughlin GOING OFF! 

2 excellent CDS both tributes: Purple Haze & Foxy Lady Dr. Lonnie Smith featuring John Abercrombie w smitty smith

there's an excellent Hendrix fusion tribute featuring a dozen or so guitarslingers, part of an excellent tribute series
(also included mahavishnu, santana and a few others) produced by LA guitarist jeff richman    that came out a few years ago on the Tone Center  label

important disciples: 

TOMMY BOLIN (the Boulder flash, my sadly, long departed dear friend) his whammy bar and feedback
                         explorations were a continuation of jimi's work. some great instrumentals on his CDs.
   BUT especially the awesome JAM with Alphonse Mouzon (on the white Blue Note rlease-alphone on cover in colorful leathers)

VERNON REID with Living Colour  "Burning of the Midnight Lamp" also see "Stone Free" an excellent rock oriented tribute from Warner Reprise earl;y 90s (check JEFF BECK with SEAL!)

john klemmer :3rd stone"

"Up from the Skies:  Lucky Peterson, Rickie Lee Jones, Giamcomo Gates, Gilberto Gil & Kenny Rankin

DEFUNKT did a live BLUES tribute CD to jimi

Steve Ray "Little WIng" !

Marcus Miller "Power of Soul"

SANTANA "Peace on Earth"


"Voodoo Chile":   Lee Konitz !     Phil Upchurch     Jamie Cullum

"Bold as Love"  ex-Zappa axeman Steve Vai  and believe it or not (and smokin') JOHN MAYER trio the "pop" guitarist/singer

"Fire" Ursuzla Dudziak



GERI ALLEN  did a tribute album

Cassandra Wilson covered a couple

DAVID GARFIELD (Tribute to Jeff CD) "If 6 was 9"

"Foxy Lady"    Kathy Kosins;      Booker T

all the other suggestions (did someone already mention that WORLD SAX QRT tribute disc?

have fun.....jimi lives on!  (the latest Experience Hendrix title "Valleys of Neptune" has a few gems) 

ricky schultz

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Been a little quiet on the JPL while everybody is off to (or
recovering from) the jazz
festival season; got a query to spark some musical discussion if possible.

I was just noticing that this week is the 40th anniversary of the death of
Jimi Hendrix (I remember it well, I was bummed out for a long time)
and on the radio show this week, I thought I would do bit of a tribute
to Jimi and his jazz descendants - meaning people who have covered his
music or maybe explicitly influenced by him or whatever - it's a
pretty loose definition in my mind and a good excuse to construct a
fun show.

I have a few things in mind:

Lots of the Gil Evans stuff, the RCA studio, Gramavision/Sweet Basil
and lots of other live sessions;
Robert Dick's excellent tribute recording
Paul Plimley/Lisle Ellis do a great Third Stone from the Sun
several Voodoo Chile covers including Stevie Ray Vaughan
some Medeski Martin and Wood covers etc....

Any suggestions out there? Miles Runs the Voodoo Down?


Nou Dadoun
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