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Wow, thanks for sharing that story Jan!  My first introduction was a
little less dramatic, I took Are You Experienced out of the public
library because I liked the cover - this must have been in 1967 since
I see that was the North American release date, I could have sworn it
was '66 though - dropped the needle on the record and Purple Haze made
me an instant convert.  When he finally came to Maple Leaf Gardens in
Toronto in May '69, I bought a ticket the day they went on sale; he
got busted at the airport but still managed to play the show.

I'll look for that compilation, found an interesting compilation with
a version of Purple Haze that I hadn't heard before:

Arturo, do you know this one? ... N

BTW, that album from Monterey Pop with Hendrix on one side and Otis
Redding on the other was an unusual but potent pairing, I think I wore
out both sides of my first copy ... N

On Wed, Sep 15, 2010 at 10:33 AM, Janice Mancuso <janmancuso at me.com> wrote:
> A superb version of "Little Wing" by Toots Thielemans on a compilation on BMG by mostly rock folks doing covers of Jimi called "In from the Storm". Gorgeous.
> I 'discovered' Jimi at Monterey Pop. I had a backstage pass courtesy of some work I had been doing, and had seen Jimi wandering about during the day.  I knew who he was already because I'd read about him but had not seen or heard him.  Mostly, I was interested in Otis Redding. When Jimi's set took off, watching everybody watch him, as, in that moment, he completly flipped 'showmanship' on it's head, WOW, a life changing event for me!
> The following week, Bill Graham had booked him into the Fillmore, but few people came/saw becasue the word had not filtered out from Monterey about the Expereince yet.  I sat on the floor, 15-20 feet from the stage & just watched, in awe.  Maybe there were 150 people there!
> That was a time like no other before or since were music ignited a gigantic shift in culture, politics - everything,  as many on this list have testified.
> Ciao,
> Jan

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