[JPL] Farewell Buddy Collette

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Buddy Collette was an outstanding musician.  I had the pleasure of meeting
him at a performance in Ojai, CA with the Chico Hamilton group, back in
1992.  I'll never forget that night.  My condolences to Buddy's family and
to Chico Hamilton, his life-long friend from the Central Avenue days.

David May

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I am sure that many of you know already, Buddy Collette passed on Sunday,
September 19, 2010. This loss 
is significant to the jazz community, but even more so to the musician's of
Los Angeles who are members 
of the Local 47. Not only was Buddy Collette the first black musician to
cross the color lines and obtain 
work in the film studios, opening the doors for other black musicians, but
Buddy Collette was the 
singularly most important figure in the desegregation of the Los Angeles
Musicians Union. 

I met Buddy back in 1990, when he, Bud Shank, Bobby Bradford, Horace
Tapscott and myself were members of 
the same management's roster. I was in young woman in my early 20's and
Buddy was especially kind and 
welcoming towards me. I will always remember him as a gifted and talented
multi-horn player, a prolific 
composer/arranger in the Ellington tradition, and a warm and generous

Long live the "West Coast Cool" music of BUDDY COLLETTE.

Lawrence Lebo

"Lawrence Lebo is a musical minimalist intent on framing American Roots
music as its indivisible 
subatomic pieces, in the case of Volume 3, blues, jazz, folk and western
swing.  Her approach is 
deconstructive, an effort to strip away 50 years of interpretive veneer to
expose the original genres in 
their most basic forms.  One could cast her as a musical theologian
formulating her systematic theology 
from the canon of American Music and not be far off of exactly how
important." - C. Michael Bailey



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