[JPL] Playlist: "Primetime Jazz" * Friday October 1st * Radio Adelaide 101.5FM

Gregory L Fisher jazzviews at yahoo.com.au
Wed Sep 29 23:16:30 EDT 2010

This is my playlist for "Primetime Jazz", Friday October 1st heard on Radio Adelaide 101.5FM (Australia) now from 7-9pm (CST).

Many thanks to the many fine artists and labels who continue to support great Jazz being heard in this part of the globe.

Greg Fisher
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2010 - October
Friday (What's New?) 1/10/2010 Primetime Jazz Radio Adelaide 101.5FM
Artiste / CD Title / Track Title / Label
Thomas Marriott / Flexicon / Take It To the Ozone / Origin Records
The Cookers / Warriors / The Core / Jazz Legacy Productions
Chris Colangelo / Elaine's Song / The Ubiquitous One / Independent
George Brooks Summit / Spirit And Spice / Sri Rollins / Earth Brother
(Dr.) Lonnie Smith / Spiral / Mellow Mood / Palmetto Records
*Jex Saarelaht Quartet / Fiveways: At Chapel Off Chapel / Question And Answer / Jazzhead Records
* McGann / Double Dutch? / Spirit Song / Rufus Records
* Way Out West / The Effect Of Weather / Music For For April / Jazzhead Records
* James Annesley Quartet / Vicious Cycle / F12 / New Market
* Mistaken Identity / Live: Evolution / Nock Knock / New Market
Kenny Wheeler / Double, Double You / W.W. / ECM
Charlie Apicella & Iron City / Sparks / Blues In Maude's Flat / Carlo Music Records

* denotes Australian artist(s) on recording.
Presenter: Greg Fisher


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