[JPL] Wynton at Harvard/Treme on DVD

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Anybody who comes to Jazzfest please stop by WWOZ and the hospitality tent.  I'd 
love to put some faces on the names that I see on this list.  I and many other 
OZ DJs will be dancing around.

And anyone who is around the last Sunday of Jazzfest, I'm interviewing Benny 
Jones and Uncle Lionel from the Treme Brass Band at the Heritage Stage.

And I've never been to Festival International, but all who have been love it.

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I'm going to the Festival International in Lafayette April 27-May 1,
get me some serious zydeco and world dancing with a smaller crowd
(hopefully) than Jazz & Heritage Fest. Last time I caught either
Festival was in the mid-90's, both are well worth going. People used to
ask me why I went to the Crescent City so much and I'd answer, "the
music's the best in the world and the food's better than the music." I
think it's still true. Go!



> Season two of Treme starts again on April 24th the weekend before Jazz Fest
> starts. Anyone else going to NO this year ?
> Jeff Turton
> On Apr 3, 2011, at 9:04 AM, Tom Reney wrote:
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>> Note: /Treme/ was released on DVD this week, so I've finally had a
>> chance to see the series, and I'm hooked, having watched 5 episodes in
>> two days.
>> Wynton and Jazz at Lincoln Center get lampooned here and there, but it's
>> respectful and "all for pleasure." /Treme's/ a little thin on plot, but
>> like the city and the neighborhood it takes its names from, it's loaded
>> with great music, local color, and rich characterizations.
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