[JPL] Kindness Joy Love Happiness and LT

Arturo Gomez arturo at kuvo.org
Mon Apr 4 12:41:25 EDT 2011

Ricky wrote <<< As for KKJZ?  Lawrence Tanter ( the "mind behind" Los Angeles' legendary KJLH (kindness, joy, love and happiness)** snip** Lawrence, "LT" to his buds is one of the most musical, passionate, knowledgeable programmers of the past 50 years. ** KJLH was an amazing radio station, and LT has programmed others (including an Urban outlet in LA that gave The Wave its only serious competition).  Had Mr. Tanner ever had the benefit previously of a GREAT signal, his influence would be substantially greater.
And for you sports fans, LT is and has been the in-house "Voice of the Lakers" doing live play-by-play for all Lakers games for 20+ years.  [Yes, ive always been envious!]  Speaking of which,
We're working on another 3Peat hoops fans! Gooo LAAAAAAAKKKERS! >>>>

Thanks for bringing back so many pleasant memories just with the mention of KJLH, a station that Stevie Wonder was part owner of. I was raised in So Cal and in the 1960s and early 70's it was the most creative radio market in the nation, NYC was always the largest but L A due to its car culture had the best radio stations before radio began its conversion to corporate monolithic status. Besides KJLH, there was KACE, KUTE, Tom Donahue's KPPC and others on FM with the legendary KRLA, KGFJ, KHJ et al on the AM dial.

Not only does So Cal have LT as the Lakers PA announcer, there the living legend of baseball Vine Scully, we also had LT's basketball mentor, Chick Hearn who almost single handedly created the nomenclature of basketball game calling still being used today

All of that radio listening served me well even though I had never imagined myself in the radio industry, funny what a divorce and a change in residence can do for someone......


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