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BA's last gasp?  most of their major market clients have defected in recent years....

-ricky schultz
"what can we do for YOU?"

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This week's sponsor: Lisa Hilton UNDERGROUND

UNDERGROUND Lisa Hilton/piano, Nasheet Waits/drums, Larry Grenadier/bass, J.D. 
Allen/tenor sax

UNDERGROUND arrives at jazz radio this week and showcases Hilton's new approach 
on it's eight original tracks, and cover of the Bill Evans classic, B Minor 
Waltz: "I've taken a different approach that has allowed me to broaden my 
palette and explore new contexts as a composer."  

"But how does she sound?  When she wants to, she can coax a sound from the upper 
- middle register that's reminiscent of the way Bill Evans used to sound: like 
he was splitting delicate icicles into pieces, gently, with a flick of the 
middle finger. Hilton's newest CD is stacked with some of the world's greatest 
musicians"... (Capitol Bop).  http://www.LisaHIltonMusic.com



On Apr 4, 2011, at 11:12 AM, Bobby Jackson wrote:

> There's more at play here than conventional wisdom dictates.......


Broadcast Architecture is syndicating the program.


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