[JPL] Jazz, Blues and Pop Tunes Lead National Recording Registry

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I'm surprised that no one has commented on the final (25th) entry to this year's list. I assumed it might be controversial, but I'm not sure people even read past the press release. 



> Jazz, Blues and Pop Tunes Lead National Recording Registry
> 04.06.2011
> The latest additions to the National Recording Registry of the Library 
> of Congress have been announced. A total of 25 were named, including a 
> series of interviews that Willis Conover did with jazz musicians for the 
> Voice of America.
> Of most interest might be what are called the first known audio 
> recordings. Made by Edouard-Leon Scott de Martinville and called 
> “phonautograms,” they were made in 1853 or 1854 by using a boar bristle 
> as a scribe, marking onto blacked glass plates. They were not meant to 
> be listened to; Scott was using them for acoustic research, but modern 
> technology has allowed the guitar and voice recordings to be heard.
> Musical offerings include a large number of jazz, blues and pop 
> recordings from the likes of Blind Willie Johnson, Professor Longhair, 
> Henry Mancini (“Peter Gunn”), Captain Beefheart, Al Green (“Let’s Stay 
> Together”), Steely Dan (“Aja”) and De La Soul. The Boswell Sisters with 
> the Dorsey Brothers Orchestra, Tammy Wynette (“Stand by Your Man”) and 
> the Sons of the Pioneers (“Tumbling Tumbleweeds”) also made the cut.
> Nonmusical recordings include “Songs of the Humpback Whale,” a sermon 
> from Rev. C.L. Franklin (Aretha’s father), a Mort Sahl performance and a 
> series of spoken recordings by “Ishi,” the last Yahi Indian speaking in 
> his own language.
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