[JPL] NARAS Slashes Grammy Categories From 109 to 78 / Jazz Loses 2 Award...

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Thu Apr 7 08:21:55 EDT 2011

Perhaps JEN, the fledgling Jazz Education Network that replaced IAJE, will  
ascend to that role. It could be argued that there are two kinds of 
education:  that of students, and that of the public. 
Expanding its role to one of public education and advocacy may be more than 
 JEN can handle right now, and it might even meet some resistance 
(rhetorical  question: should the educators be the same people who are concerned, at  
their core, about commerce and preservation?). 
The Jazz Journalist Association also seems to be expanding its role to one  
of advocacy; but again, they cannot afford to dilute their efforts. 
The economy probably isn't right for a NJA, National Jazz Association, but  
it's not too early to start talking about it. There is a Country Music  
Association. Is there an equivalent for Pop? Rock? Classical? 
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Ricky,  you are absolutely right, we are STILL in need of a national
organization  for jazz that isn't just about jazz education - an 
that  represents ALL the facets of the industry: artists, the recording
industry,  radio and alternative media, promotions, publicity, festivals,
etc. - and  most importantly the music.

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