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(APRIL 11, 2011) -- CONCERT NOTE: Today's guest, Fay Victor, is performing
tonight (April 11, 2011) at 7 p.m. with Dominic Lash at Clemente Soto
Velez Cultural Center, 107 Suffolk Street, NYC, as part of the Evolving
Music Series. Please note that this is a new location for the series. Also
on the bill: Theo Bleckmann & Jay Clayton (8 p.m.); Charles Gayle's
Forgiveness (9 p.m.); Arts for Artestra (10 p.m.).

Another week, more live music! This past week I saw Adam Rogers at the
Village Vanguard (check him out on Thursday's show) and the James Shipp
Trio with Jo Lawry at Bar Next Door. Here are photos I took at the latter

James Shipp Trio with Jo Lawry:

I also wrote two new poems, one at the James Shipp show and one following
an interview:

"a fundamental understanding of the nature of the universe"

"song without words"

I interviewed Maria Schneider last week. She's performing at Carnegie Hall
on May 13, in Ojai (CA) on June 12 and in Berkeley (CA) on June 13 and 14.
Her new music is an exciting new direction for Maria -- don't miss these

Membership campaign update! Just over two dozen of you have become
members. To make my goal of 100 members by the 300th show, I really need
more of you to step up and become members. Please join today:

Next week on the show: Noah Preminger (TJS #258, Monday) and Matthew Shipp
& Darius Jones (TJS #259, Thursday).

Peace, love and jazz,


This week on The Jazz Session:

TJS #256: Fay Victor. Vocalist Fay Victor explores her Trinidadian roots
in the company of Other Dimensions In Music on Kaiso Stories (Silkheart,
2011). In this interview, Victor talks about the chance meeting that led
to the new CD; how she melded the calypso music of Trinidad with the
experimental jazz she's known for; and the many projects with which she's
currently involved. SHOW AVAILABLE NOW.

TJS #257: Adam Rogers. Guitarist Adam Rogers' most recent album is Sight
(Criss Cross, 2009). In this interview, Rogers talks about his approach to
composition; his use of different sounds for his guitar and why he chooses
a wide sound palette; and his run at the Village Vanguard. SHOW AVAILABLE
STARTING 4/14/11.


Jason Crane
The Jazz Session

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