[JPL] PLAYLIST: “General Eclectic”, WCVF 4/15/11 - Radiothon; Simulcast; Website Is Back; New Facebook Page

Tom Bingham mason2042 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 16 14:40:45 EDT 2011

A lot to talk about this week. If the playlist seems a bit sparse,“General
Eclectic” was part of the Fredonia Radio Systems’ Radiothon to benefit
Roswell Park Cancer Institute’s ongoing patient care and research into a
cure for leukemia. The Radiothon culminated with an all-day concert today,
so a lot of time was spent talking about that event and about Roswell
(which, if you aren’t aware, is an hour away, in Buffalo). Those
labels/publicists/artists who have sent duplicate CD’s in recent months
will, I hope, approve of the fact that I assembled a basket of these to be
raffled off as part of the Roswell fundraiser’s “Chinese auction”. By the
way, “Gen Ec” was simulcast on both WCVF-FM and our sister station WDVL-FM
for this week, as well as the usual Internet stream for both stations, thus
increasing the exposure for any music played on this week’s program. And
since WDVL is blasted through speakers to part of the SUNY Fredonia campus,
I had more college-student listeners than usual, expanding my demographic,
which usually skews considerably older than most FRS programming!

The “General Eclectic” website is back. Actually, we pretty much had to
build it over from scratch. Fortunately, I had enough warning when the
original site went down that I was able ro rescue most of the content. Most
of that material has been restored and updated for the new site, though I
don’t have any playlists up yet. What IS there at the moment are a few news
blurbs about the show, an “About” page, and links to my DVD and book
reviews. URL is the same as before - http://www.fredoniaradio.com/genec/

Also, “General Eclectic” now has its own Facebook page. Not much to see yet,
but there is a “Like” button. I can’t say I have a whole lot of plans for
the page at the moment, but we’ll see what happens. To the list:

Bruno Sanfilippo - The Third Geometry - Subliminal

Joana Amendoeira  - Fado Rosa Maria - Setimo Fado

Tracy Lyons - Jazz’n’Samba/Sweet Happy Life - Sweet Happy Life

David Williams - Misfits - Chocolate Bar

Annette Cantor - Gaia Dreaming - Songs To The Earth

Arthur Davenport - Here and Now - Whispering To The Wind

Marisa Yeaman - Staggler In The Human Race - Voices From the Underground

Emily Burridge - Rain Man Sings - Out Of The Blue & Into The Amazon

Mary Jenson - Too High - Beyond

Little Faith - Wade In The Water - Spiurituals

David Rosenfield - Because - Son Of Ojito

Danielle Reich - Ne Me Quitte Pas - This Year’s Kisses

Sidecats -Before It’s Over - Makin’ Tracks

Orrin Evans/Captain Black Big Band - Inheritance - Captain Black Big Band

Barbara Dickson - Ythanside - Words Unspoken

Blame Sally - Bird In Hand - Speeding Ticket And A Valentine

Dawn Michelle Williams - Where I Belong - Dawn Michelle Williams

Charlie Parker - Ornithology - Jazz Roots: The Music Of The Americas
(various artists)

David Leonhardt Jazz group - In The Still Of The Night - David Leonhardt
Jazz group Plays Cole Porter

Tom Bingham
"General Eclectic" - streaming live at http://fredoniaradio.com/wcvf/ Friday
mornings from 10 till noon
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