[JPL] This week on The Jazz Session: Noah Preminger and Matthew Shipp & Darius Jones

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(APRIL 18, 2011) -- Is this the end of The Jazz Session?

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I wrote two new poems last week, one inspired by a performance by Fay 
Victor & Dominic Lash:


...and the other inspired by a Ben Allison show:

“new york basement blues”

I also wrote a brief essay on hugging:

CD GIVEAWAY: I've got three autographed copies of Before The Rain, the 
new CD by Monday's guest, Noah Preminger. To win one, send an email to 
contest at thejazzsession.com with NOAH in the subject line. First three 
emailers win the CD.

Next week on the show: Adam Cruz (TJS #260, Monday) and Jon Gordon (TJS 
#261, Thursday).

Peace, love and jazz,


This week on The Jazz Session:

TJS #258: Noah Preminger. Saxophonist Noah Preminger’s new CD is Before 
The Rain (Palmetto, 2011). In this interview, Preminger talks about his 
musical upbringing; why he spend a lot of time planning the order of the 
songs in a performance; and the important of being respectful. SHOW 

TJS #259: Matthew Shipp & Darius Jones. Pianist Matthew Shipp and 
saxophonist Darius Jones have a new duet CD called Cosmic Lieder (AUM 
Fidelity, 2011). In this wide-ranging and often funny interview, 
recorded in a diner in New York, Shipp and Jones discuss everything from 
intergenerational collaborations to their shared and individual musical 
languages. SHOW AVAILABLE STARTING 4/21/11.

Jason Crane
The Jazz Session

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