[JPL] Happy Passover

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yo doc

may the soup be hot and the matzo balls fluffy.....Hard, really ? don't go for a swim after downing a hard one, you'll sink.....happy passover.......reebs

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This week's sponsor: Terence Brewer, Setting The Standard: Volume One 
Award Winning Jazz Guitarist Terence Brewer returns with his fifth studio recording as a leader, Setting The Standard: Volume One (April 21st - Strong Brew Music).  Setting The Standard: Volume One is a classic straight-ahead jazz record covering a spectrum of song styles penned by a who's-who of legendary composers including Cole Porter, Duke Ellington, Rogers & Hart, and many more. 
Setting The Standard follows Terrence Brewer's critically acclaimed 2009 release, Groovin' Wes, a Wes Montgomery tribute project that peaked at #9 on the JazzWeek National Jazz Radio charts and QuintEssential (2008, Strong Brew Music), which spent 12 weeks on the JazzWeek charts peaking at #17. 
www.TerrenceBrewer.com www.StrongBrewMusic.com 
To my Jewish sisters and brothers:  May your chicken soup be hot, and your matzo balls be hard! 
-- Dr. Jazz 
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