[JPL] Dr. Jazz and Linda Y I know you've been waiting for this!

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Wed Apr 20 19:57:19 EDT 2011

this strikes me as incredible--or do i mean unbelievable (what a shock, coming from alan kepler)

i mean really, 700,000 listeners?  why no less a resource than the venerable US Census Bureau

states: In 2010, the city had a population of 713,777 and ranked as the 18th most populous city in the United States.

in my wildest dreams i had NO IDEA smooth jazz could be so widely appealing!!!!

this is positively historic!  all radioheads take note, THEY ARE TALKING A 98% MARKET SHARE!

having personally given up on the Smooth Jazz format around  2001, i can see the error of my ways!

yikes a 98% market share.  can they EVER TOP this?!  my uess is they are just ONE guest DJ away from

TOTAL world domination (or at least total Detroit domination!).  i hope for the sake of the rest of the Detroit

radio community who will have to fight like dogs to split up the remaining 2% market share, that we do not see 

despair, and gasp! far worse!  let's hope the advertisers and agencies dont discount the variety of listeners they still could reach

by including stations catering to the remaining 2% share of market!

Have Mercy!

ricky schultz
"What can we do for You?"
& former broadcaster ( Very Thankful he never had a 98% Market Share competitor! )

PS: Lois, thanks for sharing this!


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This week's sponsor: Terrence Brewer, Setting The Standard: Volume One

Award Winning Jazz Guitarist Terrence Brewer returns with his fifth studio 
recording as a leader, Setting The Standard: Volume One (April 21st - Strong 
Brew Music).  Setting The Standard: Volume One is a classic straight-ahead jazz 
record covering a spectrum of song styles penned by a who's-who of legendary 
composers including Cole Porter, Duke Ellington, Rogers & Hart, and many more.

Setting The Standard follows Terrence Brewer's critically acclaimed 2009 
release, Groovin' Wes, a Wes Montgomery tribute project that peaked at #9 on the 
JazzWeek National Jazz Radio charts and QuintEssential (2008, Strong Brew 
Music), which spent 12 weeks on the JazzWeek charts peaking at #17.



affiliateradio <http://www.allaccess.com/search?q=radio&m=n> station,"SMOOTH
JAZZ 104.7" (THE OASIS <http://www.allaccess.com/search?q=the+oasis&m=n>),
just signed on a translator
The station simulcasts on 107.5WGPR

"The tide is turning for this truly unique
and we’re thrilled to be working withTIM
, DREW SCOTT <http://www.allaccess.com/search?q=drew+scott&m=n> and the team
,"BROADCAST ARCHITECTURE<http://www.allaccess.com/search?q=broadcast+architecture&m=n>
Owner/Pres. ALLEN
KEPLER<http://www.allaccess.com/search?q=allen+kepler&m=n> said.
"The vision of MARTZ to offer a format to the many passionate fans in
DETROIT <http://www.allaccess.com/search?q=detroit&m=n> is nothing short of
genius. Literally hundreds of thousands of people have been missing Smooth
Jazz in DETROIT <http://www.allaccess.com/search?q=detroit&m=n>. It’s such a
great fit too, with DETROIT <http://www.allaccess.com/search?q=detroit&m=n>
radio <http://www.allaccess.com/search?q=radio&m=n> and smooth jazz
veteran SANDY
KOVACH <http://www.allaccess.com/search?q=sandy+kovach&m=n> co-hosting the
morning show along with music <http://www.allaccess.com/search?q=music&m=n>
 icon KENNY G <http://www.allaccess.com/search?q=kenny+g&m=n>; plus
saxophonist DAVE KOZ <http://www.allaccess.com/search?q=dave+koz&m=n> in PM
drive, who was a long-time, successful afternoon host in

"Over 700,000 listeners have been
for Smooth Jazz on DETROIT <http://www.allaccess.com/search?q=detroit&m=n>
radio <http://www.allaccess.com/search?q=radio&m=n> since V98.7 changed
format over a year ago," TIM
MARTZ<http://www.allaccess.com/search?q=tim+martz&m=n> said.
"We’re pleased to partner with independent and locally-owned WGPR to bring
Smooth Jazz back to southeast
MICHIGAN<http://www.allaccess.com/search?q=michigan&m=n> and
to join the SMOOTH JAZZ

"We believe that our smooth jazz
music<http://www.allaccess.com/search?q=music&m=n> mix
will bring southeast
MICHIGAN<http://www.allaccess.com/search?q=michigan&m=n> smooth
jazz lovers back to FM from the Internet and other
where they were forced to go after the format was abandoned by V98.7," DREW
SCOTT <http://www.allaccess.com/search?q=drew+scott&m=n> said. "We are
excited to bring Smooth Jazz back to


Lois Gilbert



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