[JPL] PLAYLIST: WNMC Fried-Day Afternoon Jazz 4.22.11

Thomas M. Bisard mrbiz at torchlake.com
Sat Apr 23 16:05:50 EDT 2011

                    WNMC 90.7 FM
                  1701 E. Front St.
             Traverse City MI 49686-3016

                Fried-Day Afternoon Jazz
                    April 22nd, 2011
                      2-5 PM EST
                    Biz Bisard, host

Played 	Artist 	Song 	Disk 	Year 	Label 	Note

02:00pm 	Station ID
02:01pm 	PSA - Earth and Sky
02:03pm 	Promo

02:04pm 	Monty Alexander 	Home 	J-008 _ Uplift
Album Jazz 3/26/2011 	2011 	JLP 
02:06pm 	Monty Alexander 	Fungii Mama 	J-008 _ Uplift
Album Jazz 3/26/2011 	2011 	JLP 
02:12pm 	Eldar Djangirov 	Darn that Dream 	J-011 _
Three Stories
Album Jazz 4/9/2011 	2011 	Sony Masterworks Jazz 
02:17pm 	Eldar Djangirov 	Prelude in C# Major 	J-011
_ Three Stories
Album Jazz 4/9/2011 	2011 	Sony Masterworks Jazz 

02:21pm 	Promo
02:22pm 	Set break - Weather

02:23pm 	Hot Tuna 	Vicksburg Stomp 	F-034 _ Steady as
She Goes
Album Folk/Roots 4/21/2011 	2011 	Red House 
02:27pm 	In Walks Bud 	Hey Babu 	RG-015 _ No More
Album Reggae 7/24/2010 	2010 	self-released 
02:31pm 	Irvin Mayfield 	Mardi Gras Second Line 
J-006 _ A Love Letter to New Orleans
Album Jazz 4/16/2011 	2011 	Basin Street 
02:38pm 	Big Joe and the Dynaflows 	What the Hell
Were You Thinking 	B-051 _ Big Man Down
Album Blues 3/4/2011 	2010 	Severn 	

02:41pm 	Promo
02:42pm 	PSA

02:43pm 	Blue Moose & the Unbuttoned Zippers 	Satan's
Playground 	F-033 _ Rousted
Album Folk/Roots 4/21/2011 	2010 	self released 	

02:47pm 	Mamadou Diabate 	Macky 	W-028 _ Courage
Album World 2/20/2011 	2011 	World Village 	

02:51pm 	Django Reinhardt 	Saint-Louis Blues 	J-013 _
The Essential Django Reinhardt
Album Jazz 3/19/2011 	2011 	RCA|Legacy|Sony 
02:55pm 	Arturo O'Farrill and the Afro Latin Jazz
Orchestra 	Ruminaciones Sobre Cuba 	J-073 _ 40 Acres
and a Burro
Album Jazz 3/12/2011 	2011 	ZOHO 

03:00pm 	Station ID
03:01pm 	Promo

03:02pm 	Phil Ranelin with Henry Franklin and Big
Black 	Come on, Home! 	J-061 _ Perserverance
Album Jazz 4/9/2011 	2011 	Wide Hive 	

03:08pm 	Owen Temple 	Medicine Man 	F-021 _ Mountain Home
Album Folk/Roots 4/21/2011 	2011 	El Paisano 
03:11pm 	Rebirth Brass Band 	Why Your Feet Hurt 
J-031 _ Rebirth of New Orleans
Album Jazz 4/16/2011 	2011 	Basin Street
03:16pm 	Dado Moroni 	Einbahnstrasse 	J-025 _ Live in
Beverly Hills
Album Jazz 3/12/2011 	2010 	Resonance 
03:25pm 	Korey Riker 	Audrey's Gift 	J-044 _ Prehumous
Album Jazz 4/9/2011 	2010 	Riker's Island 	

03:29pm 	Promo
03:30pm 	Promo

03:31pm 	Afrocubism 	Mali Cuba 	W-030 _ Afrocubism
Album World 11/6/2010 	2010 	World Circuit|Nonesuch 	

03:37pm 	Jessica Williams Trio 	Freedom Trane 	J-063
_ Freedom Trane
Album Jazz 4/16/2011 	2011 	Origin 	

03:43pm 	Fiveplay Jazz Quintet 	Scrim Shimmy 	J-070 _
Five of Hearts
Album Jazz 4/16/2011 	2010 	Auraline Music 
03:46pm 	The Rick Holland-Evan Dobbins Little Big
Band 	Stablemates 	J-053 _ Trilby
Album Jazz 3/12/2011 	2011 	self-released 	

03:51pm 	Calibro 35 	Notte in Bovisa 	W-015 _ Rare
Album World 1/21/2011 	2011 	Nablu 	

03:53pm 	Blame Sally 	Pajaros sin Alas 	F-027 _
Speeding Ticket and a Valentine
Album Folk/Roots 4/21/2011 	2011 	Ninth Street Opus 
03:57pm 	Arthur Adams 	Nature of the Beast 	B-028 _
Stomp the Floor
Album Blues 2/4/2011 	2010 	Evidence 

04:00pm 	Station ID
04:01pm 	PSA - Pulse of the Planet
04:04pm 	Promo

04:05pm 	Bobby Matos Afro Latin Jazz Ensemble 	Buena
Gente 	J-015 _ Beautiful as the Moon
Album Jazz 3/5/2011 	2011 	LifeForceJazz 	

04:10pm 	Jubilant Bridge 	Another Run at the
Mountain/Willie's Jig 	F-032 _ Power Lines
Album Folk/Roots 4/21/2011 	2010 	self released 	

04:14pm 	Steve Martin and The Steep Canyon Rangers 
Go Away, Stop, Turn Around, Come Back 	F-014 _ Rare
Bird Alert
Album Folk/Roots 4/21/2011 	2011 	Rounder

04:18pm 	Promo

04:19pm 	Nick Nixon 	Come and Go with Me 	B-056 _
Heavy Load
Album Blues 3/4/2011 	2010 	One Touch 
04:22pm 	Daniel Smith 	Black Orpheus 	J-018 _ Bassoon
Goes Latin Jazz!
Album Jazz 3/26/2011 	2011 	Summit 	

04:28pm 	Andrew McCormack & Jason Yarde 	Tunnel
Vision 	J-051 _ MY Duo
Album Jazz 4/2/2011 	2009 	JoY aNd EaRs 	

04:33pm 	PSA
04:34pm 	Promo

04:35pm 	Jim Hall 	Concierto de Aranjuez 	J-030 _
Album Jazz 4/16/2011 	1975 	Sony Masterworks Jazz 
04:55pm 	highTime 	Life with You 	J-048 _ Morning Walk
Album Jazz 4/2/2011 	2011 	Summit

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