[JPL] Average length of pledge drives at your station?

EdBride at aol.com EdBride at aol.com
Tue Apr 26 09:47:45 EDT 2011

Clarification: I should have said that WAMC only has one locally produced  
jazz show, plus the below-named syndicated shows. About 1/3 of  their 
programming is local, and resembles AM talk and call-in radio;  syndicated 
APR/NPR/PRI commentary and variety shows fills the rest of their  timeslots.
For jazz fans, WFCR is increasing their presence hereabouts with several  
towers in the Berkshire hills. Legendary radioman Tom Reney is a member, and  
I'll let him comment on the fundraising, should he wish.
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EdBride at aol.com writes:

In fact,  they only 
have  one locally produced show, a 90-minute show on  Saturday nights, plus 
some  syndicated material like Jim Wilke,  Marian McPartland and (pardon 
expression) Radio  DeLuxe.

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