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Soulandjazz.com Presents:
Continuum – A Journey Through Jazz
Episode 48: “Jazz-Funk 1975”

Welcome to another episode of Continuum – A Journey Through Jazz – and on this leg of the journey (as we enter my second year with SoulandJazz.com) I thought it might be nice If I got personal. So this is the first in a series of shows sharing the music that got me into Jazz in the first place . . . starting with the songs and artists I first discovered in 1975.  Of course they were around before that – this is simply when I discovered it.  

Here is where you can discover it for yourself:  http://bit.ly/gR9Sej

Prior to my personal discovery of the music that moved my body & soul, I passively listened to whatever was played on pop / top 40 radio – but upon hearing the sound & feeling the groove of Jazz Funk for the first time, something snapped within . . . and I could never listen to music the same way again. If this has never happened to you, I hope to share the experience!

My journey began with Earth Wind & Fire, followed closely by Ramsey Lewis, and continued to expand as I uncovered artists such as Stanley Clarke, Kool & The Gang, The Commodores, Con Funk Shun, The Crusaders, Tom Scott, Gonzalez, Average White Band, Ronnie Laws, Donald Byrd, Roy Ayers Ubiquity, and Herbie Hancock  . . . and on and on.   These are simply the artists I could fit into this particular episode.  

Thirty-six years later, and I still love this music – so I dug through my dusty stacks & crates to find some of my favorites, several of which I haven’t heard in a very long time. I am only able to scratch the surface in this episode with 13 classic songs…but I have much more where that came from. Thus, I shall continue to share the grooves that gave birth to my love of Jazz in future episodes.

If you have any particular song that introduced you to jazz, gave you access and entry to the wider continuum, or piqued your interest in the Jazz Funk groove – please let me know what it is, and I’ll seek it out and share it in future episodes. Okay? Just write to Scott at SoulandJazz.com - of hit me up on Facebook & Twitter @jazzevangelist - and share your journey!  

PLAYLIST:  Continuum – A Journey Through Jazz

Episode 48: “Jazz-Funk 1975”

Artist – Track – Album – Year

Earth Wind & Fire - Africano / Power Medley – Gratitude - 1975

Ramsey Lewis - Jungle Strut - Sun Goddess - 1974

Stanley Clarke - Silly Putty - Journey To Love - 1975

Kool & The Gang - Jungle Jazz - Spirit of the Boogie - 1975

Con Funk Shun - Clique - 7″ Single - 1974

The Crusaders - Give It Up - Chain Reaction - 1975

Tom Scott - Dirty Old Man - New York Connection - 1975

Gonzalez - Rissoled - Our Only Weapon Is Music - 1975

Average White Band - Cut The Cake - Cut The Cake - 1975

Ronnie Laws - Always There - Pressure Sensitive - 1975

Donald Byrd  - Makin’ It - Stepping Into Tomorrow - 1975

Roy Ayers Ubiquity - The Black Five - Mystik Voyage - 1975

Herbie Hancock - Hang Up Your Hang Ups - Man-Child – 1975

Background Music bed:   

The Commodores - I’m Ready - Caught In The Act - 1975

The Commodores - Machine Gun - Machine Gun - 1974

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