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Honestly Linda...my answer to your inquiry would be two words...the beat. 
Younger listeners don't get the "swing" rhythm concept because it's different 
than anything they're use to being exposed to everyday. This is why so many 
jazzers now are playing more loosely played straight eighth note designed 
compositions. It's almost to a point now that it's unusual for a CD to come in 
where it's straight up swingin. You would be hard pressed to find much swing in 
NYC clubs these days. It's more about the groove...even in all acoustic playing. 
Jazz in my view is in transition. Where it will end up is a very good guess but 
it's nowhere near where is was pre 65 in terms of style. Today...it's like jazz 
is taking the 65-70 period and trying to find new ways to refine and grow from 
that. The problem is many of the young jazz players haven't dealt with the swing 
before that and fail to realize how that study deepens anything else you do 
after. It brings depth and substance to your ideas in a different way. We go 
back to the records that make us "feel' good. Think about how many jazz 
recordings coming out today you can remember six months down the road. 

Jae Sinnett

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Hello friends,

I'm back again asking for advice on jazz to appeal to younger listeners.  

I've been told to make the sound of WEMU more appealing to new jazz listeners or 
look for another gig.

Smooth is NOT the way we want to go.

Is it singers?

Is it eliminating all recordings made before 1990?

Is it more blues and world music?

Is it more melody and less aggressive improvisation?  Is it the reverse of that 

(Note - I've been requested to eliminate long, screaming solos from the mix.)

What is working for you?  How are you attracting and keeping listeners in their 

Feel free to answer me off list if you like.

Hope to see many of you in June at The JazzWeek Summit.

Thanks a lot.


Linda Yohn
WEMU Music Director
lyohn at emich.edu


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