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Tom Mallison tomthejazzman at embarqmail.com
Wed Apr 27 16:42:47 EDT 2011

My original question had to do with what is management doing to attract 
new younger audiences.  My thought is that it doesn't matter all the 
things you might do as previously suggested by others if you don't have 
them listening.  The station has to attract listeners and then you keep 
them there with your programming.  Do you have a station FaceBook page 
or a Four Square Page, Twitter and such.  These are the avenues younger 
people use to communicate these days.  Does WEMU have a Cell App. like 
many stations use this day and time?  Does WEMU have any print media 
like in the University Student Newspaper or local entertainment free 
newspapers that are in hotels, motels, restaurants, and night spots.  
Again, young people get information for these publications.  These are 
also good sources for having feature articles on WEMU.  Have  you had 
features on local morning or 6 and 11 PM television stations?  All of 
these items are aimed at steering listeners to WEMU and then once there 
the programming is what will make them stay and come back.

In general one time I worked with the local car rental agencies and had 
the first button on their cars programmed to our station's frequency.  
This also works with car dealers and gets you what I call accidental 
listeners.  Seek and Scan features on vehicle radios are two of our best 
friends when it comes to attracting new listeners.

All of the other suggestions certainly are valid and workable but ya got 
to get them to the station first.  At least that is my way of thinking.

On 4/27/2011 2:34 PM, Linda Yohn wrote:
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> Hello friends,
> I'm back again asking for advice on jazz to appeal to younger listeners.
> I've been told to make the sound of WEMU more appealing to new jazz listeners or look for another gig.
> Smooth is NOT the way we want to go.
> Is it singers?
> Is it eliminating all recordings made before 1990?
> Is it more blues and world music?
> Is it more melody and less aggressive improvisation?  Is it the reverse of that question?
> (Note - I've been requested to eliminate long, screaming solos from the mix.)
> What is working for you?  How are you attracting and keeping listeners in their 30s?
> Feel free to answer me off list if you like.
> Hope to see many of you in June at The JazzWeek Summit.
> Thanks a lot.
> Linda
> Linda Yohn
> WEMU Music Director
> lyohn at emich.edu
> 734-487-2229
> www.wemu.org
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