[JPL] Warning About Transition From "Something's Coming" to "Coda" (Tracks 4 & 5) on CD "MY Duo" by Andrew McCormack & Jason Yarde

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Hi Group...

Hope all are well.

I don't think I'm violating the JPL's "TOS" with this post but if so I apologize in advance...

There is a potential "landmine" on the CD "MY Duo" by the British team of pianist Andrew McCormack and saxophonist Jason Yarde that was brought to my attention by Jan Mancuso who encountered this when she played the CD on her shift @ KMHD earlier this week.

Namely their duo's "cover" of the Leonard Bernstein tune "Something's Coming" is listed as Track #4 but actually it continues and ends on Track #5 which is listed as "Coda."

I did not notice this when I auditioned the CD at home as the 2 tracks simply segued into each other with no break but I do not have the type of CD player in radio studios that pick up the encoding when a CD is mastered.

Jan played "Something's Coming" (Track 4) and it ended abruptly without segueing into the conclusion - "Coda" (Track #5).

Should you care to play this song in its entirety you will need to program your studio's CD player to play both Tracks 4 & 5.

Sorry for any unpleasant surprises you might already have encountered playing this track and thanks to Jan for pointing this out to me!

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