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DECEMBER 6, 2011

Hello friends!

Due to a couple things that have popped up in my personal life, I've 
been unable to record new interviews for this week. Never fear, the show 
will be back to normal next week. For now, enjoy the rest of the 
newsletter and some shows that you might have missed the first time around.

Speaking of interviews, I've done several video interviews for the 
recently launched JazzDIY, including:

Todd Barkan: http://bit.ly/srkPT5
Amy Cervini: http://bit.ly/uNRDaK
Adam Schatz – coming soon!

There's a ton of great content at JazzDIY.com, so be sure to visit often.

There are quite a few new poems over at http://jasoncrane.org. I've also 
returned to my old practice of posting audio versions along with the
poems so you can hear them, not just read them. And I created a page of 
recordings of full readings from some of the featured performances I've 
done around New York State.

The Jazz Session is member-supported, so if you like what you hear, 
please join. Right now there's a special offer for new members at the 
middle and top levels (monthly or yearly). The next two people to join 
at one of those levels with receive Anthony Wilson's DVD/CD set Seasons. 
Join now at http://thejazzsession.com/join

Peace, love and jazz,



 From The Jazz Session archives:

TJS #34: Laurie Pepper on Art Pepper (December 2007). In the first of 
Laurie Pepper's two appearances, she talks about two sets of previously 
unreleased live recordings by Art Pepper — Unreleased Art, Vol. 1: The 
Complete Abashiri Concert — November 22, 1981 (Widow’s Taste, 2006) and 
Unreleased Art, Vol. 2: The Last Concert (Widow’s Taste, 2007). Both 
concerts show Pepper at the height of his emotional expression, and 
still very much in command of his instrument. In this interview, Laurie 
Pepper talks about the concerts and the process of
releasing them, and also gives insight into the troubled and triumphant 
life of her husband. LISTEN: http://bit.ly/kl8X39

TJS #127: James Shipp (December 2009). Percussionist and vibraphonist 
James Shipp is making music without borders. With his band Nos Novo, 
Shipp has just released Strange Sweethearts In America (Shippwrite 
Music, 2009), a fascinating and fun mix of traditional Irish melodies 
and rhythms with Brazilian music and collective improvisation. In this 
interview, Shipp talks about the genesis of the band; provides a guide 
to the varying ingredients on the album; and talks about what makes each 
of these styles so special to him. LISTEN: http://bit.ly/pVnMhg


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