[JPL] Christmas Tunes?

Eric at Jazz Rendezvous eric at jazzrendezvous.co.za
Wed Dec 7 00:51:11 EST 2011

Christmas promotions, sales and music is all the rage once again world wide.
Whilst I remember as a child enjoying hearing all the hoary old classics,
but as I've grown older I've become somewhat cynical hearing those tunes and
songs on other radio stations in my country.

Why, well I live in the southern hemisphere and Christmas falls in the
middle of summer, therefore I have encouraged South African Jazz Musicians
to come up with tunes and songs that reflect the weather conditions over the
festive period in our half or the world.

I have also taken the decision of playing no songs or tunes that include the
following words, winter, snow, white in fact anything that refers to weather
conditions in the northern hemisphere. I am also pleased to say that a few
jazz musicians have taken up the challenge and have received their new

I like many radio presenters around the world will be working on Christmas
Night (in South Africa) and will be playing my entire show featuring only
Christmas music on the night.

What are the top ten Christmas tunes/songs that you will include on your
play lists this festive period?

Eric  Alan
Jazz Rendezvous on Radio 2000
Cape Town, South Africa

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