[JPL] Christmas Tunes?

Blaise Lantana blantana at rioradio.org
Wed Dec 7 01:13:11 EST 2011

Great idea Eric.  Here in Arizona, it IS winter but it's a palm tree 40
degree winter. There is one tune by Judy Roberts called Desert wonderland,
where she creates a winter wonderland of western treats, like tamales.
I'll play that and Michael Franks song, " I bought you a plastic star for
your aluminum tree"  about Christmas in the sunny states.  I also like
Diana Krall's version of Joni Mitchell's" I wish I Had a River".

Blaise Lantana
Muisic Director
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On Tue, Dec 6, 2011 at 10:51 PM, Eric at Jazz Rendezvous <
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> Christmas promotions, sales and music is all the rage once again world
> wide.
> Whilst I remember as a child enjoying hearing all the hoary old classics,
> but as I've grown older I've become somewhat cynical hearing those tunes
> and
> songs on other radio stations in my country.
> Why, well I live in the southern hemisphere and Christmas falls in the
> middle of summer, therefore I have encouraged South African Jazz Musicians
> to come up with tunes and songs that reflect the weather conditions over
> the
> festive period in our half or the world.
> I have also taken the decision of playing no songs or tunes that include
> the
> following words, winter, snow, white in fact anything that refers to
> weather
> conditions in the northern hemisphere. I am also pleased to say that a few
> jazz musicians have taken up the challenge and have received their new
> works.
> I like many radio presenters around the world will be working on Christmas
> Night (in South Africa) and will be playing my entire show featuring only
> Christmas music on the night.
> What are the top ten Christmas tunes/songs that you will include on your
> play lists this festive period?
> Eric  Alan
> Jazz Rendezvous on Radio 2000
> Cape Town, South Africa
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