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Thanks for the update, Lois.  Let me add that Clark's autobiography has 
just been published by the Univ of California Press, and it's one of the 
best of the genre.  I'm in the midst of reviewing the book, but for now 
suffice to say it's funny (of course); beautifully-written (by Clark and 
his wife Gwen); rich with detail of sights and sounds and smells (Clark 
had a nose and a memory for everything from fragrant to funky); candid 
about himself and his colleagues; and poignant about race and the 
realities of life in the era of segregation.  His description of how 
Duke cajoled him into leaving Basie is as telling as anything you'll 
read about this aspect of the "Ellington effect."



On 12/9/2011 4:48 AM, Lois Gilbert wrote:
> You might want to alert your listeners as well as celebrate Clark Terry's
> 91st birthday (Dec 14) that Clark earlier this week had his leg amputated.
> He is doing well, but of course, it's day by day. We try to keep you
> updated on his blog, and hope you can mention his website and urge folks to
> sign his guestbook or blog. http://clarkterry.com
> Thanks
> Lois
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