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Soulandjazz.com Presents:
Continuum – A Journey Through Jazz
Episode 66: "Jazz Funk 1977, Part 9"

Here we go again . . . welcome back to the ninth episode in a series chronicling what got me into jazz in the first place on Continuum, A Journey Through Jazz.

Here is the link to download - free & legal:  http://www.soulandjazz.com/category/continuum-–-a-journey-through-jazz/episode-66-jazz-funk-1977/

The first episode covered 1975 and subsequent editions have progressed to 1977, featuring over 100 classic jazz funk & fusion tunes in the process. If you haven’t heard them all – don’t worry, all previous 8 episodes can still be found on the SoulandJazz.com and downloaded legally and free . . . so, what’s stopping you?

Originally I planned on doing two or three episodes covering my favorites from the 70’s, but I had not accounted for all the emails, comments and suggestions that I was about to receive. It turns out that I wasn’t alone on this journey to discover the great wide world of jazz, entering through the portals of funk & fusion.

So, this episode is made up entirely of songs & artists that were requested specifically by you, the listeners . . . opening with a classic from Weather Report and then progressing into an hour of double shots from albums by Patrice Rushen, Brecker Brothers, First Cosins Jazz Ensemble, Harvey Mason & George Benson.

I realized after that set that this needed to be an extended episode because there was an hour of songs left to play – and I really wanted to finish up with 1977 before the end of 2011. So, the second hour is a rather random mix of requests ranging from the funk of The Memphis Horns & The Headhunters; to jazz fusion from Jeff Lorber Fusion,
Teruo Nakmura & Jimmy Smith; some contemporary jazz from Grover Washington Jr. & Roger Glenn; some disco flavored jazz from the Salsoul Orchestra, Ashford & Simpson & Idris Muhammad; some salsa from Doug Richardson; and closing out with a soulful jazz classic from George Benson.

All in all it’s a stone cold gas. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions for songs and artist to be included in upcoming episodes covering 1978 through the early 80’s, please send them to Scott at SoulandJazz.com. I would also love to connect with you via Facebook & Twitter . . . just look for the Jazz Evangelist.

Agape ya’ll,
J. Scott Fugate, ‘The Jazz Evangelist’


PLAYLIST: Continuum – A Journey Through Jazz #66, "Jazz Funk 1977, Part 9"

Artist – Track – Album – Year

Weather Report - Birdland - Heavy Weather - 1977
Patrice Rushen - The Hump - Shout It Out - 1977
Patrice Rushen - Roll With The Punches - Shout It Out - 1977
Brecker Brothers - Squids - Don’t Stop The Music - 1977
Brecker Brothers - Funky Sea, Funky Dew	- Don’t Stop The Music - 1977
First Cosins Jazz Ensemble - Flat Meat - For The Cos Of Jazz - 1977
First Cosins Jazz Ensemble - Banana Peel - For The Cos Of Jazz - 1977
Harvey Mason - Funk In A Mason Jar	 - Funk In A Mason Jar - 1977
Harvey Mason - What’s Going On? - Funk In A Mason Jar - 1977
George Benson	- On Broadway	- Weekend In L.A. - 1977
The Memphis Horns - What The Funk - Get Up and Dance - 1977
Headhunters - Straight From The Gate - Straight From The Gate - 1977
Jeff Lorber Fusion - Refunk - Jeff Lorber Fusion - 1977
Teruo Nakmura	 - Cat - Rising Sun - 1977
Jimmy Smith - Slippery Hips - Sit On It - 1977
Grover Washington Jr. - Lock It In The Pocket - Live At The Bijou - 1977
Salsoul Orchestra - Getaway - The Magic Journey - 1977
Ashford & Simpson - Bourgie Bourgie - Send It - 1977
Roger Glenn - E.B.F.S. - Reachin’ - 1977
Idris Muhammad - Could Heaven Ever Be Like This - Turn This Mutha Out - 1977
Doug Richardson - Salsa Mama	 - Night Talk - 1977
George Benson	- Everything Must Change - In Flight - 1977

Background Music:
Earth, Wind & Fire - Runnin’ (Original Hollywood Mix) - All ‘n All - 1977
Con Funk Shun - Indian Summer Love - Secrets - 1977

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