[JPL] ST. JOHNS RIVER CITY BAND - OPEN HOUSE- 12/12-12/16 - Hope to see you there!

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Sun Dec 11 19:36:15 EST 2011

Hi, to all you jazz supporters! Please read the following letter from Bob  
Stone, Ex Dir of the St. Johns River City Band. A lot of us remember this 
band  from the past and the present. Right now, I'm involved in the 
educational  division thru the St. Johns River City Back  Beat (a small jazz group 
[piano, drums, upright bass, drums and  vocalist, me] affiliated with the 
SJRCB).  We go to at least 10  local elementary schools a school year in Duval 
County and share in 2  sessions (comprised of K-2nd grades & 3-5th) with them 
the performance,  history, introduction of instruments, scat session 
w/audience, different styles  of jazz, etc. This is accomplished right now with a 
grant from the City of  Jacksonville. All of these schools are located in 
areas where either the schools  receive 50% or more free lunches or 50% of the 
students speak another language  besides English. Please read the 
following...I'd so appreciate it. Dot Wilder,  local jazz vocalist

Hi  Everyone, 
You are cordially invited to an Open House for the St.  Johns River City 
Band on Monday, December 12 through Friday, December 16.   
Everyone that I am inviting to the Open House is in  someway part of the 
St. Johns River City Band Alumni Family – Musicians,  Singers, Donors, 
Executive Directors, Staff, Guest Artists, Board of Directors,  Mayors, Conductors, 
Music Directors, Partners & Volunteers. Through this  week long celebration 
of the St. Johns River City Band, it is my hope to recruit  old & new 
supporters that have a real genuine interest and who truly care  about the St. 
Johns River City Band. 
The St. Johns River City Band is moving into its  28th year of service to 
the people of Jacksonville & the State of Florida. There is no  question that 
the very best has always been presented to the public. The people  that 
remember the early years to present day have nothing but praise for the  
professionalism displayed at each & every performance. As there has not  always 
been the smoothest or agreeable behind the scenes operation – the music  has 
always played. If the reverse were true the music would have stopped playing  
years ago.  
We are at a crossroads in deciding the future direction  the St. Johns 
River City Band will take to insure the music continues to play  and how we can 
be an instrumental part of the Jacksonville Arts community, while  providing 
needed educational & historical perspectives for what we do.   
The initiatives that will be presented will be the St.  Johns River City 
Band’s history, its place in the community, its volunteer  perspectives and 
how the St. Johns River City Band will participate in the  community through a 
new marketing focus and collaborative partnerships. The  thoughts and new 
ideas that will be presented will come from all the discussions  I have had 
with members of the St. Johns River City Band and community leaders  over the 
past year and spending time researching the  archives. 
My goal is to assemble a Team that will be engaged in  forging a positive 
direction for the future of the St. Johns River City Band – I  truly believe 
and care about the music continuing to play – it’s time for the  St. Johns 
River City Band to come home. 


Monday, December 12 – 9:00am –  5:00pm 
Tuesday, December 13 – 11:00am –  7:00pm 
Wednesday, December 14 – 7:00am -  3:00pm 
Thursday, December 15 – 11:00am –  7:00pm 
Friday, December 16 – 9:00am –  5:00pm 

Refreshments will be  served 
RSVP to Bob Stone  @390-1999 
Parking is on the flat lot – your immediate  right after crossing the 
railroad tracks 
Please come by during the week and meet some old &  new friends and share 
some time with me. If you cannot stop by, please email or  call with your 
thoughts, interest and support of the St. Johns River City Band.  
Bob Stone                                                                   
 St.  Johns  River City Band 
Board President                                                            
841  Prudential Drive, Suite 150 
 Jacksonville, FL 32207 

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