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Jason Kao Hwang, Elemental Determination (Crossroads Unseen) 2011
Luciana Souza, Imber Nocturnus  (The Poems Of Elizabeth Bishop And Other
Luciana Souza, I Will Come Back/Memory (Neruda) 2004
Florestan Trio, Fauré: Piano Trio In D Minor, Op. 120 - 2. Andantino
(Debussy; Fauré; Ravel: Piano Trios) 1999
Enoch Smith Jr., Blackbird    Misfits    2011
Fay Victor Ensemble, Room 1407: IV. Night Ties (The FreeSong Suite) 2009
John Zorn, Yesoma (Filmworks Xi: Under The Wing) 2002
Kris Delmhors, You're No Train (Songs for a Hurricane) 2006
David Banner, Cadillac On 22's
Mario Grigorov, Ice Hotel (Paris to Cuba) 2009

Katie Bull, I Thought About You (Freak Miracle) 2011
Bob Brookmeyer, I Thought About You (Holiday: Bob Brookmeyer Plays Piano)
José Negroni Trio, Your Melody (Father & Son) 2007
Duke Ellington, The Swinger's Jump (Blues In Orbit) 1959
Sarah Vaughan, Just One Of Those Things (Sarah Vaughan Trio - At Mister
Kelly's) 1957
Carla Kihlstedt, Rooting For The Shy Librarian (Two Foot Yard) 2003
Judith Berkson, They Can't Take That Away From Me (Judith Berkson: Oylam)
Steve Kuhn, St. Tropez Shuttle (The October Suite) 1966
Susheela Raman, Idi Samayam (Music For Crocodiles) 2005
Susanne Abbuehl, In the dark pine-wood (Compass) 2006
Orrin Evans, One For Honor (Freedom) 2011
Joe McPhee, Shakey Jake (Nation Time) 1970

Cuong Vu 4-Tet, Child-Like [For Vina] (Leaps Of Faith) 2011
Jack Wilkins, That 25 Cents That You Paid (The Blue & Green Project) 2011
William Parker, Green Mountains [for Bill Dixon] (Crumbling In The Shadows
Is Fraulein Miller's Stale Cake) 2011
James Falzone's Allos Musica, The Thought And The Self, Parts I-IV
(Lamentations) 2010
Matt Haimovitz, Ricercar 7 [1689] (Matteo) 2011
Sameer Gupta, Walk With Me (Namaskar) 2010
Tyshawn Sorey, Fifteen (Oblique - I) 2011

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