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Doug Ramsey's Rifftides blog on his late friend quotes Brookmeyer 
admitting that some of the music he made during a difficult period in 
his life "could make your teeth hurt."
And only a few weeks ago, a friend who played on Woody Herman's band 
recalled a concert of Brookmeyer's music at Monterey that sent the 
audience running for the exits.  But when music of this type is 
considered in the context of Brookmeyer's overall output, much of which 
is celebratory, swinging and thoughtful, I can only conclude that he was 
emotionally honest in his art.

This morning I'm digging his 1997 Challenge recording New 
Works/Celebration, a piece he composed for a concert with Gerry Mulligan 
in 1994 and here features the amazing Scott Robinson on baritone.

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> Friends,
> Many fitting tributes to Bob Brookmeyer as an  arranger. I know him also as
> a wonderful instrumentalist and have spent many  hours listening to him
> improvising jazz on his horn.
> He played on many  recordings. Here's one I love that flies under the radar
> a little bit: Night  Lights, by Gerry Mulligan. Bob is a sideman, along
> with Art Farmer, Jim Hall,  Bill Crow, and Donald Bailey. It is very
> mainstream, not innovative or  ground-breaking, and mostly mellow. But what tasteful,
> impeccable, lyrical  playing by every musician on the date!>
> ""Night Lights" is a wonderful date.  Lonehill reissued it, IIRC in a  disc
> called The Complete Gerry Mulligan Sextet."  They also did one of for  the
> Mulligan/Brookmeyer Quartet...as well as collecting the session he made with
>   Clark Terry.
> Love Bob's playing on "Jazz Reunion" with Pee Wee Russell and Coleman
> Hawkins...and a great 3 cd box Mosaic did features "Traditionalism Revisted," w/
>   Jim Hall and Jimmy Giuffre, "the Street Swingers" with Hall and Jimmy
> Raney...and a couple of slightly larger groups that remind us, that for all of
> his great big band writing in his later years, which often took on a kind
> of  pastel, floating character, this was a guy who loved to swing KC style.
> Thanks for all the good sides Bob!
> Dan Polletta
> ideastream
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