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Yup, it did fall off.  I had been the original poster, wondering if Frank 
had ever lived and played for a short while in Winnipeg back in the late 50s.
I didn't find any proof of that, nor did I find that he was related to the late
Piercy Haynes who was a key figure in the Black Community in Winnipeg and
the jazz scene for many years as proprietor of Haynes Chicken Shack.

Turns out, as was confirmed just recently, that the man I was trying to 
identify was
saxophonist Frank LEWIS.  Too many Franks.  He had been part of an R&B band 
the US called the Kuf-Linx.  That group had come up to Winnipeg in 1957 to 
play at the
Rancho Don Carlos in Winnipeg, the premiere club in Winnipeg.  They liked
Winnipeg so much they came back, and took over another smaller club, called
it Jack's Place.  Frank Lewis was part of that group then.

Frank Lewis left eventually for Edmonton, then Vancouver where he 
died.  (Back to you,

Mystery solved.  I just wrote to Mrs. Haynes to let her know how this all 
got started.

Maurice Hogue

So what happened to the Kuf-Linx then? I heard from Owen Clark in Manitoba, 
who told me that in 1957 the group had played the Rancho Don Carlos in 
Winnipeg. They liked Winnipeg so much that they returned in 1958 and took 
over a nightclub called "Jack's Place," where they remained for at least 
part of 1958 and 1959. By this time, the group was a more manageable 
quintet, consisting of John Jennings, Johnny Woodson, Gaines Steele, 
Darrell Johnson, and "Jennell" (most probably Jennell Hawkins, who had 
recorded "This Time It's Real" with Richard Berry on Flair in 1954). Just 
to keep it interesting, however, they added trumpeter Frank Lewis. Johnny 
Woodson went on to record a couple of singles for Spry and Imperial in the 
early 60s.

At 01:45 AM 12/18/2011 -0800, you wrote:

>Thanks Ed, following up on a year-old thread (almost exactly!), was the
>photo she mentioned included?  Looks like it fell off at some point .. N
>On Sat, Dec 17, 2011 at 11:30 AM, Ed Trefzger <ed at trefzgermedia.com> wrote:
> >
> > Hi all,
> >
> > I received this note from Frank Haynes' widow a few minutes ago:
> >
> > Hello, I'm Frank Haynes' wife. I read where there were questions regarding
> > deceased Jazz musician Frank Haynes' background. Frank Haynes was born on
> > Oct 8, 1928 in Tulsa, Ok. to Frank Haynes, Sr., and Eula Scrugs-Haynes. He
> > had many siblings. He served in the U.S. Air Force (band) from 1947 through
> > 1950. Thereafter, he lived with his first wife Lillie B. Haynes and their
> > children in Oakland, Ca. during the early 1950s. While in California he
> >  performed with various Jazz groups at many San Francisco Jazz clubs during
> > the 1950s and later formed his own quartet to work the Jazz circuit in
> > California.   In 1959  Frank Haynes moved to New York City to record and to
> > settle with Shaw-Lee (Kitty) Haynes and their new born daughter, Holliday
> > Y. Haynes.  Frank Haynes appeared at many of NYC's finest Jazz clubs, such
> > as Birdland, Five Spot, Village Vanguard, Village Gate; and he recorded
> > with Dave Bailey, Randy Weston, Les McCann and others. He recorded his own
> > album with composer, Rudy Stevenson, called "Frankly Speaking" but it was
> > never released.  Frank Haynes died at age 37 on November 30, 1965 of both
> > the sickle cell disease and  lung cancer at NYC's Veterans Hospital.  He
> > loved his fellow musicians and was devoted to all things Jazz.  A Jazz
> > funeral (the 2nd ever) was held for him by Rev. John G. Gensel, Lutheran
> > Minister, where many Jazz notables came to pay their respects.  Frank
> > Haynes is buried at Long Island National Cemetery, Farmingdale, LI, New
> > York, 11735. (Grave 5714, Section 2D.) Here's his photo:
> >
> >
> >
> >
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