[JPL] valve trombonists & trumpeters

John Simna jsimna at wclv.com
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arturo at kuvo.org writes:

 I've  noticed that several trumpeters also play valve  trombone

And Ed said:  
Maynard Ferguson among them. As you suggest, I think it's easier for a  
trumpet player to adapt to another piston/valve instrument than a slide; but

since I play neither, I defer to experts.

Multi-instrumentalist James Morrison is an exception to this - here's a
video ssample:


It may be that trumpeters who double find it easier to use the vale
instrument, but a lot of trombonists will double euphonium, a valve
instrument of the same range as the trombone - in fact in professional
orchestras, when there is a euphonium part, such as in Holst's suite The
Planets,  it's usually one of the trombonists who specializes in that (as
well as bass trumpet).

John Simna
jsimna at wclv.com

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