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This week on The Jazz Session:

TJS #330: Andrew Cyrille. Andrew Cyrille’s new CD is Route De Freres 
(TUM, 2011) with his band Haitian Fascination. In this interview, 
Cyrille talks about his own Haitian roots and his early childhood in 
Brooklyn; Haitian rhythms and how they’re expressed on this new record; 
and the sound paintings that form the main suite, "Route De Freres." 
LISTEN: http://bit.ly/rA35Xl

TJS #331: James Hirschfeld. Trombonist James Hirschfeld has just 
released his first album, Two Medicine. In this interview, Hirschfeld 
talks about his life in music; the song-like quality of his 
compositions; and how a trip to Germany solidified his desire to pursue 
an artistic life. LISTEN: http://bit.ly/rs4u1Q

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