[JPL] JazzWeek crowdfunding campaign launches

Ed Trefzger ed.trefzger at jazzweek.com
Tue Dec 27 19:14:46 EST 2011

Details are at http://www.indiegogo.com/jazzweek/ including information on
perks for contributors. Perks more than pay for themselves in discounts or
two-for-one offers. Campaign ends February 29, 2012.

>From that page at IndieGoGo:

*Our Story
JazzWeek got its start in 2001, shortly after the now long-defunct *Gavin
Report* announced that it was dropping its jazz and smooth jazz charts.
Over the years, JazzWeek transitioned from collecting airplay reports to
publishing monitored data from Mediaguide, and launched the annual JazzWeek
Summit, which in 2012 moves to Detroit.

But over the past decade, the industry has changed. Some labels that were
mainstays of the jazz format have cut back or disappeared, while
independent labels and musicians have more than filled the void. Radio has
changed, too: NPR news has displaced jazz on some stations and streaming
stations have come onto the scene. Meanwhile, social media, smart phones,
the iPod, iPhone and iPad, the mobile web, and modern web browsers have
changed technology drastically.

To continue to be relevant and even more useful to labels, promoters,
artists and radio, JazzWeek needs a major relaunch: our last web update was
more than six years ago. But web development work can be expensive,
especially database programming and modern effects.

Our update will include the following (and more):

   - Online display of all charts: jazz, smooth album, smooth singles and
   world music
   - A more modern user experience in desktop browsers
   - Mobile site or application for phones/tablets
   - For each charted release, a link to its own page, with CD and download
   purchasing and "crowd-sourced" reviews
   - More detailed week-by-week data
   - How-to and best practices guides
   - Music reviews
   - Artist, industry and radio programmer features
   - Industry news
   - Artist news
   - Radio station news and updates
   - More comprehensive user-updated databases: radio stations, promoters,
   labels, music director addresses and call times
   - Spreadsheet downloads for databases and charts
   - Online radio player/tuner for stations in each chart format
   - Improved add date submissions and listings
   - Playlist posting and submission for non-monitored stations
   - Tight social media integration: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
   - RSS feeds of site content
   - Easier subscription signup and renewal
   - Improved Jazz Programmers' List software to allow browser- and
   email-based posting
   - Online chats and webinars between JazzWeek Summits

We'll still publish a weekly PDF of charts for industry subscribers, but
all of these updates will make the site much more useful for industry,
radio, artists and even avid jazz fans.

Our anticipated relaunch date is April 15, 2012, assuming that our
fundraising goal is met.

*The Impact*

Without this update, it will be difficult -- if not impossible -- for
JazzWeek to keep going much further into the future, certainly not past
2012. The limited amount of services we're now able to provide do not
generate enough subscriptions or advertising income to support the
operation, and JazzWeek has lost money more years than it has made money.
The cash flow is just not there to pay for the upgrades needed.

This relaunch will allow JazzWeek to become more useful and self-sustaining
into the future, providing more useful tools for labels, promoters, artists
and radio -- both terrestrial and online. The new site will also provide
more advertising opportunities for artists, promoters and labels: targeted
messages to reach radio programmers and hosts.

In addition, by building the new "JazzWeek 2.0" on a modern platform,
future upgrades and additions will be  a far less labor- and
resource-intensive undertaking.

*What We Need & What You Get*

If we were to hire all of the web development, programming and design work
required, the costs could top $10,000 or more. But we're committed to
keeping costs down and to gratefully accept the offers of those willing to
donate time to the cause. Thus, we've been able to constrain the budget for
this relaunch to $5,000.

All of the contributions received will go toward paying for the web
development, database programming and graphic design costs for the new
site. We anticipate that JazzWeek's publisher, Ed Trefzger, will contribute
at least as many hours without compensation as the web developer labor
costs paid for by contributions. As mentioned above, we have also had
offers from those willing to donate their time in development and
non-development areas.

All contributors of $25 or more will receive perks equal to or exceeding
the value of the contribution in discounts, advertising, subscriptions or
event sponsorships. In addition, all contributors will be part of the focus
group helping to determine the content and direction of JazzWeek going
forward. All contributors also will be listed on a permanent basis on the
JazzWeek website with a link to their site.

*Other Ways You Can Help*

Please tell your friends and colleagues about this campaign and our desire
to relaunch JazzWeek to better serve the industry: those who make a living
playing, publishing, promoting, producing or programming jazz, or just do
it out of love. Please make use of the social media tools to spread the
word on Twitter and Facebook.

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