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Every Thursday of the month during December 2011, January 2012, February 2012
Radio Adelaide will be presenting "European Jazz Stage 2011"
13 one hour programs produced and made available to us by Radio Netherlands Worldwide

My Programs and Playlists for January 2012 
                                                  ARTIST/Track/Album/Label      * = Australian
Thu 5/01/12 "Primetime Jazz" 7pm - 9pm "Mainstream - Something Old & New"
1) CHICK COREA FREEDOM BAND/Bud Powell/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-06
2) CHICK COREA FREEDOM BAND/We'll Be Together Again/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-06
3) CONCERTHALL JAZZ ORCH feat. Chris Potter/The Lord's Prayer/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-06
4) CONCERTHALL JAZZ ORCH feat. Chris Potter/Giant Steps/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-06
5) CONCERTHALL JAZZ ORCH feat. Chris Potter/Lotus Blossom/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-06
6) HARMEN FRAANJE "AVALONIA TRIO"/Preludium/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-06

Thu 12/01/12 "Primetime Jazz" 7pm - 8pm "Mainstream - Something Old & New" 
1) HERMAN SCHOONDERWALT QUARTET/Bengelding/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-07
2) HERMAN SCHOONDERWALT QUARTET/Sharoo/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-07
3) HERMAN SCHOONDERWALT QUARTET/The Winker/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-07
4) LOUIS VAN DIJK TRIO feat.Edwin Rutten/Angel Eyes/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-07
5) LOUIS VAN DIJK TRIO feat.Edwin Rutten/Down for the Count/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-07
6) LOUIS VAN DIJK TRIO feat.Rudy Brink/Much More Beautiful Than The Most Beautiful Painting/Euro.Jazz/RNW 2011-07
7) LOUIS VAN DIJK TRIO feat.Edwin Rutten/Bobby Tale/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-07
8 ) PIM JACOBS TRIO/Sold/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-07
9) PIM JACOBS TRIO feat.Rita Reys/Corcovado/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-07
10) COMBO MATT MATHEWS/Today's Blues/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-07
11) COMBO MATT MATHEWS/Maybe Later/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-07
12) BOY'S BIG BAND/Finch Eye/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-07

Fri 13/01/12 "Primetime Jazz" 7 pm - 9 pm "What Is New - Contemporary jazz"
1) CHILCANO/Madera Corazon/Madera Corazon/Samponegro
2) TOM O'HALLORAN*/Squashua/We Happy Few/JazzGroove
3) KNUT HAUGSOEN/Greener Pastures/Shakti/Knut Haugsoen Foundation
4) TOM O'HALLORAN & GRAHAM WOOD*/My Romance/Piano Perspective 2011/JazzWA
5) ADRIAN CUNNINGHAM*/Barcelona/Walkabout/NewMarket
6) JUDY BAILEY SEPTET*/Theme 3/Judy Bailey Jazz legend/ABC
7) ANDREW DICKESON QUINTET*/Darn That Dream/Weaver of Dreams/Rufus
9) ADRIAN CUNNINGHAM*/In Transit/Walkabout/NewMarket
10) TEN PART INVENTION*/Isopin/Samurai Spirit/Rufus
11) BERN McGANN*/D. Day/Samurai Spirit/Rufus
12) MARGIE EVANS*/Just a Closer Walk With Thee/Samurai Spirit/Rufus

Tue 17/01/12 "Jazz on The Terrace" Noon - 1pm "Jazz at Noon Light & Cool"
1) GEORGE CARROLL JAZZ QUARTET/The Touch of Your Lips/Boston Creme/Independent
2) YARON GERSHOVSKY/State of Mind/State of Mind/Doron Music
3) RICHIE KAYE/Desafinado/Music & Mirth/Classic American Jazz
4) ANTONIO ADOLFO/Di Menor-Underage/Chora Baiao/AAM
5) GIACOMO GATES/Show Bizness/The Revolution Will Be Jazz/Savant
6) HOLLI ROSS/I Don't Know Enough About You/You'll See/Miles High Rec
7) DON BURROWS*/God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/The First 50 yrs vol 3/ABC
8 ) BAPPI LAHIRI/Light of The Moon/Walking On Love Street/Planet LA Rec
9) DOUGH MUNRO & LA POMPE ATTACK/Little Town of Bethlehem/A Very Gypsy Xmas/GMR
10) YOTAM/Samba da Minha Terra/Brasil/Jazz Legacy
11) GEORGE SHEARING & NANCY WILSON/On Green Dolphin Street/The Swingin's Mutual/Capitol
12) DAVE BRUBECK/The Song Is You/Jazz Goes To College/Columbia

Thu 19/01/12 "Primetime Jazz" 7pm - 8pm "Mainstream - Something Old & New" 
1) JEFF BALLARD TRIO/El Reparador del Suernos/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-08
2) JEFF BALLARD TRIO/Body and Soul/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-08
3) CONCERTGEBOUW JAZZ ORCH + LEE KONITZ/Thingin'/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-08
4) CONCERTGEBOUW JAZZ ORCH + LEE KONITZ/Move/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-08
5) CONCERTGEBOUW JAZZ ORCH + LEE KONITZ/Boplicity/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-08
6) CONCERTGEBOUW JAZZ ORCH + D.BROWN/Let's Face the Music and Dance/Euro Jazz Stage/RNW 2011-08
7) CONCERTGEBOUW JAZZ ORCH + D.BROWN/I've Got my Love to Keep me Warm/Euro Jazz Stage/RNW 2011-08

Wed 25/01/12 "Primetime Jazz" 7pm- 9pm"Mainstream - Swing & Big band" 
1) ROB MADNA & DUTCH JAZZ ORCH/Let's Face The Music And Dance/Update/RNDISCS
2) TEMPEST "LITTLE BIG BAND"/Satin Doll/Round Midnight/Tempest Jazz
3) RAY BROWN'S GREAT BIG BAND/Seven Steps to Heaven/Kayak/Brown Cats prodns
4) RICKY-TICK BIG BAND/Babel/Ricky-Tick Big Band/Ricky Tick Rec
5) JOHN DAVERSA BIG BAND/Cheeks/Junk Wagon/BFM Jazz
6) GEORGE CARROLL BIG BAND/OTBS-Blues/Life is Great/Independent
7) RANDY BRECKER & DR BIG BAND/Skylark/The Jazz Ballad Song Book/Red Dot Music
8 ) WDR BIG BAND/Sketches part 5/Sketches/ACT Music
9) ANTHONY BROWN'S ASIAN AMERICAN ORCH/Hackensack/Monk's Mood/Water Baby
10) JAZZ LINK ENSEMBLE/Invitation/The Drive/Jazz Institute of Chicago
11) JUDY BAILEY'S "JAZZ CONNECTION"*/Man in the Brown Suit/Judy Bailey..Jazz Legend/ABC
12) THE DUTCH JAZZ ORCH/I'll Buy That Dream/Strayhorn & Standards/RNW
13) WESTCHESTER JAZZ ORCH/Eye of the Huricane/Maiden Voyage Suite/WJO Productions
14) STAN KENTON ORCH.1943/Artistry In Rhythm/Artistry In Rhythm/PrismLeisure
15) STAN KENTON ORCH.1946/Collaboration/Artistry In Rhythm/PrismLeisure
16) TEDDY WILSON ORCH/In The Mood/Stompin' at The Savoy/Jazz Greats
17) CHARLIE BARNET ORCH/Sky Liner/Stompin' at The Savoy/Jazz Greats
18) COUNT BASIE ORCH/Rock-A-Bye Basie/Stompin' at The Savoy/Jazz Greats

Thu 26/01/12 "Primetime Jazz" 7pm - 8pm "Mainstream - Something Old & New" 
1) RAFAEL ZALDIVAR TRIO/Guajiro-Guateque/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-09
2) RAFAEL ZALDIVAR TRIO/Drawing/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-09
3) CASTEL-VAN DAMME QUARTET/Dear Boss/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-09
4) CASTEL-VAN DAMME QUARTET/Argentinian Freakshows/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-09
5) HERD/Last Chance/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-09
6) INTO THE LINES/Meteores/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-09
7) INTO THE LINES/SchizoMonk/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-09
8 ) MAAIKE DEN DUNGEN EURO. QUINTET/Sunday Secrets/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-09
9) HERD/Donna Lee/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-09

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