[JPL] David Amram Quintet: Live on KUVO/KVJZ

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Amram is also playing Dazzle as well [not sure which day].

I know this as one of my friends is the grandson of Neal Cassady and he among other family members celebrate are coming to Denver to celebrate what would have been Neal's 85th birthday.

Mike Schwartz/KSJS





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Our "Pro Series" of live performances in our own studio continues this Friday at 

3pm-Rocky Mountain Time via www.kuvo.org<http://www.kuvo.org> or 


David Amram and his Quintet will be performing in the KUVO/KVJZ Phyllis A. Greer 

Performance Studio

David Amram-piano-flutes-percussion-vocals/rap and who knows what else.

Artie Moore - bass

Tony Black - drums

José "Woody" Madera - congas

Hugh Ragin - trumpet

David is in Denver for his annual visit to take place in a tribute to Jack 

Kerouac, Alan Ginsberg and Denver's own Neal Cassady, Amram spent time in Denver 

during the Beat Generation era. Carlos Lando will be recording a 2 to 3 hour 

oral history of David Amram that will be turned into a radio documentary to be 

released in late April in conjunction with the April debut of the 

bio-documentary film on David Amram, "The First 80 Years"

On Saturday, February 12th at 4pm MTN time, Junior Mance will be radiating the 

88s of our Estonia grand piano in a live solo performance before he leads his 

touring quintet in concert later that evening at the prestigious Dazzle Lounge 

here in the Mile High.

Arturo Gómez

Music Director

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