[JPL] PLAYLIST: WNMC Fried-Day Afternoon Jazz 2.4.11

Thomas M. Bisard mrbiz at torchlake.com
Fri Feb 4 20:46:55 EST 2011

                  1701 E. Front St.
             Traverse City MI 49686-3016

                Fried-Day Afternoon Jazz
                  February 4th, 2011
                      2-5 PM EDT
                    Biz Bisard, host

02:02PM Freddie Hubbard "Suite Sioux" from J-044 _
Red Clay (Album, Jazz, 1970, added 11/06/2010) on
Masterworks Jazz

02:10PM Diego Urcola Quartet "The Natural (to Freddie
Hubbard)" from J-047 _ Appreciation (Album, Jazz,
2011, added 01/29/2011) on CAM Jazz

02:16PM Mark Weinstein "Memphis Underground" from
J-035 _ Jazz Brasil (Album, Jazz, 2010, added
01/29/2011) on Jazzheads

02:24PM Burnt Friedman Vs. Konono No.1 "Rubaczech"
from W-036 _ Tradi-Mods vs Rockers (Comp, World,
2011, added 01/21/2011) on crammed discs - Some
African remixes

02:27PM Mac Gollehon "Strange Behavior" from J-051 _
Straight Ahead (Album, Jazz, 2010, added 01/29/2011)
on American Showplace Music - Mac plays ALL brass
parts except the bass trombone

02:32PM Lynwood Slim "Shake It Baby" from B-038 _
Brazilian Kicks (Album, Blues, 2010, added
11/13/2010) on Delta Groove Productions

02:36PM The Red Sea Pedestrians "We'll Be Sky" from
F-029 _ Adrift (Album, Folk/Roots, 2010, added
08/06/2010) on Hey! Burner Local - Playing the
Gopherwood Concert series in Cadillac 2.12.11,

02:43PM Tom Luer "Mind the Gap" from J-089 _ Project
Popular (Album, Jazz, 2011, added 01/29/2011) on Origin

02:50PM Bill Easley "Falling in Love with Love" from
J-080 _ Love Stories (Album, Jazz, 2010, added
11/13/2010) on American Showplace Music

02:55PM Ehud Asherie "Favela" from J-017 _ Organic
(Album, Jazz, 2010, added 01/01/2011) on Posi-Tone

03:02PM Mike Barone Big Band "Road Kill" from J-020 _
Live 2005! Redux (Album, Jazz, 2010, added
10/09/2010) on Rhubarb Recordings

03:09PM Kevin Eubanks "6/8" from J-070 _ Zen Food
(Album, Jazz, 2010, added 11/13/2010) on Mack Avenue

03:17PM Jerry Leake & Randy Roos "Caldera" from J-018
_ Cubist Live (Album, Jazz, 2011, added 01/29/2011)
on Rhombus Publishing

03:24PM Aurelio "Mayahuaba" from W-022 _ Laru Beya
(Album, World, 2011, added 01/21/2011) on Sub

03:31PM The Wiyos "Stomp" from F-024 _ Broken Land
Bell (Album, Folk/Roots, 2009, added 12/10/2010) on

03:34PM Jane Ira Bloom "Freud's Convertible" from
J-071 _ Wingwalker (Album, Jazz, 2010, added
01/15/2011) on Outline

03:40PM Robert Hurst "Oral Roberto" from J-087 _ Bob
Ya Head (Album, Jazz, 2010, added 01/29/2011) on Bebob

03:45PM Heavy Tin "Bop Bomb" from J-079 _ reFUSED
(Album, Jazz, 2010, added 12/04/2010) on Concinnity

03:50PM Andrew Hill "Tired Trade" from Black Fire
(Album, Jazz, 1963) on Blue Note Request

03:57PM Joe Williams "Who She Do" from The Definitive
Joe Williams (Album, Jazz, 2002) on East Wind

04:06PM Roxy Coss "A New Time" from J-099 _ Roxy Coss
(Album, Jazz, 2010, added 01/22/2011) on self-released

04:13PM Empresarios "Grouper Soup" from W-001 _ Sabor
Tropical (Album, World, 2011, added 01/21/2011) on
Fort Knox

04:16PM Matt Savage "Finale" from J-076 _ Welcome
Home (Album, Jazz, 2010, added 10/23/2010) on Savage

04:21PM Stevie Wonder "I was Made to Love Her" from
At The Close Of A Century (Album, Other, 1999) on Motown

04:23PM Grant Dermody "Evening Train" from F-004 _
Lay Down My Burden (Album, Folk/Roots, 2010, added
01/30/2011) on self-released

04:28PM African Guitar Summit "Salama" from African
Guitar Summit (Album, World, 2004) on CBC - Playing
tonight 2.4.11 8PM @ Miliken

04:32PM Takuya Kuroda "Wind Machine" from J-088 _
Bitter and High (Album, Jazz, 2010, added 11/13/2010)
on self-released

04:40PM Danny Schmidt "Buckets of Rain" from F-002 _
Man Of Many Moons (Album, Folk/Roots, 2011, added
01/28/2011) on Red House

04:45PM Robert Cray Band "That's what Keeps Me
Rockin'" from B-057 _ Cookin' In Mobile (Album,
Blues, 2010, added 01/01/2011) on Vanguard

04:50PM Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet "Yemaya"
from J-024 _ To Hear From There (Album, Jazz, 2010,
added 01/22/2011) on Patois

04:55PM Rufus feat. Chaka Kahn "Once You Get Started"
from Rufusized (Album, Private, 1974) on ABC-vinyl 

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