[JPL] R.I.P. Cadence

Bill Barton seekandlisten at gmail.com
Sun Feb 6 00:59:26 EST 2011

That's very sad news indeed.  Not much left of the print journalism world
that covers the more left-leaning fringes of jazz/creative improvised
music...  First Coda, now Cadence...  Sigh.  And doubly sad is the fact that
both of those magazines also covered a wide spectrum of the music.  Signal
to Noise does a great job, but their broad focus including many other niches
is a way different animal.  R.I.P. Cadence.

Sidebar:  In case anyone is wondering where the playlists for Bright Moments
and Flotation Device on KBCS went, I have been forced to take a (hopefully)
temporary hiatus from hosting those shows due to a freak accident that
required major surgery on my right elbow.  The healing process looks to be a
long one.

Bill Barton

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