[JPL] This week on The Jazz Session: Bizingas & Jerome Sabbagh!

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Mon Feb 7 08:16:39 EST 2011

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Here's a poem inspired by listening to Mosaic's new Henry Threadgill 
boxed set. I'll be talking about Threadgill next week with Hank 
Shteamer, who wrote the liner notes for the set.

/ / /

Threadgill’s birds

an ocean of crows flows overhead
wings beating black against the coming night
I see them in small sections through
the window, missing its valance

Henry Threadgill plays the flute
and a disembodied woman’s voice is singing
notes looping around one another like
sparrows swooping after unseen bugs

/ / /

Threadgill himself was on the show in 2010:


This week on the show: Brian Drye of Bizingas (TJS #238, Monday) & 
Jerome Sabbagh (TJS #239, Thursday)

Next week: Reggie Page of No BS Brass (TJS #240, Monday) & Hank Shteamer 
on Mosaic's new Henry Threadgill boxed set (TJS #241, Thursday)

Peace, love and jazz,


This week on The Jazz Session:

TJS #238: Bizingas (Brian Drye). Trombonist Brian Drye leads a band of 
first-call New York players on the album Bizingas (NCM East, 2010). In 
this interview, Drye talks about the mischievous origins of the band’s 
name; his free-form approach to structuring the music on the album; and 
why he gravitates toward non-standard instrumentation. SHOW AVAILABLE NOW.

TJS #239: Jerome Sabbagh. Saxophonist Jerome Sabbagh teams with 
guitarist Ben Monder and drummer Daniel Humair on I Will Follow You (Bee 
Jazz, 2010). In this interview, Sabbagh talks about the formation of 
this trio; his varying approaches to composition; and how his diverse 
musical choices make him difficult to label but more content as a 


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