[JPL] WMOT goes classical

Lloyd Townsend, Jr. jazz at imaginaryrecords.com
Tue Feb 8 10:19:42 EST 2011


I do appreciate all you've done for Tennessee jazz over the years!   
But you're just sugarcoating the bad news for Tennessee jazz  
musicians, aren't you?

25% of 96 hours a week is only 24 hours of locally-produced jazz  
programming -- and maybe 3-4 hours of that will go to spinning local  
artists' CDs.  Hardly enough to expose more than the already well- 
known artists in the area, not to mention the new artists from the  
rest of the world.

Though maybe now the local classical groups will get some airtime...


On Feb 8, 2011, at 8:24 AM, <ghunt at mtsu.edu> wrote:
> Hi gang!
> Our administrators have actually saved a good chunk of the week for  
> jazz.  WMOT's broadcast week consists of 30 hours of classical  
> (local & syndicated); 40 hours of news (NPR, PRI and the like); a  
> few public affairs hours; and 96 hours of jazz (25% of it locally  
> produced, plus Bob Parlocha & other syndicated programs).
> Though I wouldn't actually consider WMOT to have "gone classical",  
> I can sure understand that perception by those who've enjoyed &  
> supported near wall-to-wall jazz on 'MOT for decades - and yes, it  
> hurts me, too.
> greg-WMOT

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>> On Mon, Feb 7, 2011 at 7:50 PM, Lloyd Townsend, Jr. <
>> jazz at imaginaryrecords.com> wrote:
>>> With only a few days' notice, WMOT Murfreesboro/Nashville, for 30 
>>> + years a
>>> full-time jazz broadcaster (recently, they'd added a few hours of  
>>> news/talk
>>> morning and evening drive) has dropped daytime jazz programming  
>>> and gone
>>> classical.  They'll keep a couple hours a day of locally- 
>>> programmed jazz,
>>> and Bob Parlocha overnights.
>>> "...to fill the void of daytime classical music on traditional FM  
>>> in Middle
>>> Tennessee..." is the excuse/reason they came up with -- so I  
>>> guess we can
>>> "blame" local NPR affiliate WPLN for their dastardly dumping of  
>>> daytime
>>> classical programming last year in favor of news/talk for WMOT's  
>>> decision.
>>> Middle Tennessee's jazz community is in shock, and will be in  
>>> mourning for
>>> a long time to come.
>>> Lloyd Townsend
>>> Prop., Imaginary Records
>>> Nashville, TN

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