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Jae Sinnett jaejazz at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 8 11:00:26 EST 2011

Tom, your post made me think about pledge method and why I believe many jazz 
programs are hurting or disappearing. Not referring to WMOT here because I 
haven't heard them. In most of the cases it ultimately comes down to the money 
raised or not...during the drives. Obviously if the music was killin with 
pledges most management wouldn't want to get rid of the music. Before I explain 
what I'm referring to...some brief info on my show here on WHRV FM in Norfolk. 
My show airs Sunday afternoons and Mon-Thurs from 9PM-1AM. This is so you can 
see the time frame I'm pledging and and as you can see... certainly not the best 
hours for pledging. My show has consistently raised either the most money or 
second to ATC or Morning Edition for the past 15 years...after I made some 
adjustments. Morning Edition beat jazz this past fall by $350. Now consider the 
audience size difference. Jazz can't compare to that in terms of numbers of 
people listening but why is it raising as much money or more? ONE of the main 
reasons is what I ask for. 

I've listened to many stations over the years pledging. I'm talking about the 
stations I've heard..online or when I'm touring. I tune in to listen to see what 
others are doing. One thing I notice several stations doing is asking for the 
"basic" pledge amount. We all have different levels of support. Our basic level 
is $48. I hear jazz programs relentlessly asking for basic membership and when 
the drive is slow it gets worse. I think that is one of the damaging things 
for a jazz show to do during the drives. In a two week fundraiser you might hear 
me ask for basic membership twice during the entire drive. There is a lot of 
truth in you get what you ask for....more than three times. How you ask is also 
important. It's true. My show has the highest per pledge amount because that's 
what I focus on asking for. Also the highest number of high end contributors and 
the highest number of credit card pledges...98%. Our alternative music 
guy...hosts a show preceding mine...asked how did I raise so much money. I told 
him it's what you focus on asking for. He focused on basic membership or the $65 
pledges and that's exactly what he got. He told me that "rock folks don't have 
that kind of money." Really? I told him you won't know until you ask. He started 
asking and now he's getting close to jazz numbers and I'm sure will soon pass 
me. His audience size is huge. 

It's a simple fundamental change many stations could make that I guarantee would 
help them. 

Jae Sinnett
Norfolk, VA 

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The Jazz Audience is younger than the Classical Audience so maybe they will out 
live them and help get Jazz Programming back up in hours.  Overnights with a 
syndicated program is not my idea of being proactive with Jazz Programming as a 
station.  It will be hours but I doubt it will provide revenue so it will just 
contribute to the notion that Jazz does not produce PLEDGES.  Their Fund Drives 
during the next few years will be very important to both Classical and Jazz 
listeners.  Of course this is just one opinion on the subject but I can not 
stand my and not share my thoughts.  ALOHA  Tom

On 2/8/2011 10:19 AM, Lloyd Townsend, Jr. wrote:
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> Greg:
> I do appreciate all you've done for Tennessee jazz over the years!  But you're 
>just sugarcoating the bad news for Tennessee jazz musicians, aren't you?
> 25% of 96 hours a week is only 24 hours of locally-produced jazz programming -- 
>and maybe 3-4 hours of that will go to spinning local artists' CDs.  Hardly 
>enough to expose more than the already well-known artists in the area, not to 
>mention the new artists from the rest of the world.
> Though maybe now the local classical groups will get some airtime...
> Lloyd
> On Feb 8, 2011, at 8:24 AM, <ghunt at mtsu.edu> wrote:
>> Hi gang!
>> Our administrators have actually saved a good chunk of the week for jazz.  
>>WMOT's broadcast week consists of 30 hours of classical (local & syndicated); 40 
>>hours of news (NPR, PRI and the like); a few public affairs hours; and 96 hours 
>>of jazz (25% of it locally produced, plus Bob Parlocha & other syndicated 
>> Though I wouldn't actually consider WMOT to have "gone classical", I can sure 
>>understand that perception by those who've enjoyed & supported near wall-to-wall 
>>jazz on 'MOT for decades - and yes, it hurts me, too.
>> greg-WMOT
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>>> On Mon, Feb 7, 2011 at 7:50 PM, Lloyd Townsend, Jr. <
>>> jazz at imaginaryrecords.com> wrote:
>>>> With only a few days' notice, WMOT Murfreesboro/Nashville, for 30+ years a
>>>> full-time jazz broadcaster (recently, they'd added a few hours of news/talk
>>>> morning and evening drive) has dropped daytime jazz programming and gone
>>>> classical.  They'll keep a couple hours a day of locally-programmed jazz,
>>>> and Bob Parlocha overnights.
>>>> "...to fill the void of daytime classical music on traditional FM in Middle
>>>> Tennessee..." is the excuse/reason they came up with -- so I guess we can
>>>> "blame" local NPR affiliate WPLN for their dastardly dumping of daytime
>>>> classical programming last year in favor of news/talk for WMOT's decision.
>>>> Middle Tennessee's jazz community is in shock, and will be in mourning for
>>>> a long time to come.
>>>> Lloyd Townsend
>>>> Prop., Imaginary Records
>>>> Nashville, TN
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