[JPL] Lynne Arriale'zz, "Convergence" CD

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Tue Feb 8 18:05:57 EST 2011

Hi All,

New World N Jazz is handling radio on Lynn Arriale's new CD on Motema.  It
hit stores today!
newworldjz at aol.com

Special congratulations to Motema.  They have a title up for a Grammy this
Sunday.  Gregory Porter's "Water" CD is a finalist for Best Jazz Vocal CD.

Also Jazz Grammy finalists from Allegro distributed labels are:

Lorraine Feather-Ages-Jazzed Media BEST JAZZ VOCAL

James Moody-Moody 4B-IPO   Best Jazz Instrumental Album Individual or Group
John Beasley-Positootly-Resonance Best Jazz Instrumental Album Individual or
Vijay Iyer-Historicity-ACT Music  Best Jazz Instrumental Album Individual or

Oliver Jones & Hank Jones-Pleased To Meet You-Justin Time Best Improvised
Jazz Solo Hank Jones "Lonely Woman"

Hector Martignon-Second Chance-Zoho Music  Best Latin Jazz Album
Pablo Aslan-Tango Grill-Zoho Music

We have 16 finalists in all, but these are the Jazz releases.  Really great
year for Allegro distributed labels and the Grammy Awards.  Sunday can't
come soon enough!

Best Regards,

Forrest Faubion

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Forrest Faubion

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