[JPL] "Countries In Love" - my new vocal jazz music video!

Marilyn Harris marilyn at marilynharris.com
Tue Feb 8 23:29:39 EST 2011

Hey, there, Jazz radio programmer friends!

Christmas and New Years have passed, January is now history - and now here comes Valentine's Day!

In honor of the occasion - and to help celebrate the release of my new Wrightwood Records CD, "Orphans", I'm enclosing a link to a music video which we just completed with my good friend and songwriting collaborator Mark Winkler - it's called "Countries In Love" and is on my upcoming "Orphans" CD.

I hope you enjoy the video (it was a blast to do, with green screen, costumes, makeup, the whole shebang!)  


Thanks for watching!


Email: marilyn at marilynharris.com

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