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Sun Feb 13 02:51:56 EST 2011

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Cuong Vu 4-Tet, My Funny Valentine (Leaps Of Faith) 2011
Lisa Markley, Lullaby Of The Wandering Moon (The Sky Is Blue And Sometimes
Cries) 2007
Aldo Romano/Joe Lovano, Moon Moth (Ten Tales) 1989
Booker Little, Stardust (The New York Sessions Featuring Booker Ervin) 1960
Andy Bey, Lush Life (American Song) 2004
Hank Roberts, Rain Village (Black Pastels) 1989
José James, When I Fall In Love (For All We Know) 2010

Chad McCullough & Bram Weijters, Imaginary Folk Song (Imaginary Sketches)
Jason Adasiewicz, Life (Sun Rooms) 2010
Laurie Antonioli, Just a Dream (American Dreams) 2010
Ideal Bread, The Breath (Transmit) 2010
Marty Nau Group, Smoke Dream (mood ebony) 2010

Myra Melford's Be Bread, Moon Bird (The Whole Tree Gone) 2010
Josefine Cronholm & Ibis, Don't Weep (Wild Garden) 2001
Carl Maguire's Floriculture, Modern Enunciator, Sided Silver Solid) 2009
Dewey Balfa, Marc Savoy and D.L. Menard, Petite Fille De La Campagne (En Bas
Du Chêne Vert) 1976
Bill Frisell, Little Girl (Disfarmer) 2009
Gary Lucas, Jack Johnson / Ghostrider (Level The Playing Field) 1991

Peter Brotzmann, With Charon/On the Acheron (The Damage Is Done) 2009

Ralph Bowen, Mr. Scott (due reverence) 2010
William Parker Organ Quartet, The Struggle (Uncle Joe's Spirit House) 2010
New York Electric Piano, Fast Food Socrates (Keys to the City: vols. 1 & 2)
Joseph Daley, Lechery (The Seven Deadly Sins) 2010

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