[JPL] Esperanza Spaulding

Ronald Edward Gill rongill2 at me.com
Mon Feb 14 12:22:40 EST 2011

Those of us in the Boston area and associated with the Berklee College  
of Music are celebrating
the artistry of this very talented lady, Esperanza Spaulding,  with  
winning her Grammy Award last night.
Congrats Esperanza!
Since joining the Berklee family those of us in the Boston media and  
her peers embraced her and it did
not hurt having her large poster placed outside of the Berklee  
establishment for a year either.
While I did notice many mentions of her on JPL posts lately, I did not  
read many comments regarding her
recent ventures into where she's coming from musically. Maybe she's  
trying to find her place musically
which is still forming with her ideas? Hmmmmmm? Shades of Miles, maybe  
and his eclectic forays into jazz?
We keep looking for that artist that is a direction for the 'new'  
jazz. I wonder.
Any comments are welcome. I'm still curious.
Ron Gill


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