[JPL] Gregory Porter's live performance

Janice Mancuso janmancuso at me.com
Sun Feb 20 16:06:52 EST 2011

Last night, I saw one of the most amazing shows, Gregory Porter & his trio.  

If you have an opportunity to hear him - GO!

If you have the opportunity to recommend him to a club or festival in your area - DO!

His trio has been with him 4 years, lead by pianist/arranger Chip Crawford - wonderful players all.

Whether singing his own, beautifully crafted songs or covering others, Porter does it all.  Power, grace, seemingly effortless - couldn't ask for more.  

When "Water" was released last year, I listened and immediately started playing it on KMHD.  Got phone calls most of the time.
Never imagined he would get booked into a club in Portland during our jazz festival or be nominated for a Grammy!

Bravo, Gregory Porter!

And I heard Randy Weston open the PDXJazz Festival Friday night in solo performance.  Such an honor to have him here and playing so well.  Randy attended Gregory's show last night.

Jan Mancuso

So glad to be back on the air, beginning March 7th:

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