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 Russ Davis here to tell you that there is a NEW MILES DAVIS RELEASE JUST OUT!  Yeah, I know I’m yelling a bit here but we all know that the folks at Columbia/Legacy have some rare Miles recordings in the can that from time to time they spring on us and now’s the time for another one this one titled BITCHES BREW LIVE!  It includes the entire live performance from the 1970 ISLE OF WIGHT appearance in front of 600,000 fans (the largest that a jazz musician has ever played for) which was previously released on the DVD titled MILES ELECTRIC: A DIFFERENT KIND OF BLUE. There are three other cuts recorded at the 1969 Newport Jazz Festival, the pivotal show where Sly & The Family Stone blew Miles’ mind and he never turned back.  On this show Chick Corea, Dave Holland & Jack DeJohnette (Wayne Shorter was supposed to play but got caught in traffic and missed it) joined Miles to play songs like Miles Runs The Voodoo Down and Sanctuary which the band performed live months before the sessions that became BITCHES BREW!  So it’s another chance to celebrate Miles and we’ll do just that all week long on MOJA Radio.  Check out the special programs coming your way this week on THE WORLD’S MODERN JAZZ RADIO CHANNEL…MOJA Radio!
 Russ Davis
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MOJA Radio/WEEKLY FEATURES   (21-27 February 2011)

This Monday, February 21st, we’ll present another edition of our special feature, MONDAY WITH THE MASTERS on MOJA Radio. This time the focus is on the great keyboardist, composer, and member of one of the super-groups of MOJA, JOHN MEDESKI. You’ll hear of his career beginnings including his classical training, his move to the New York area and emergence in the downtown scene, his collaboration with the likes of David Fiuczynski and Matthew Ship and of course there’s plenty to cover with the incredible trio Medeski, Martin & Wood. Plus you’ll hear all of that fantastic music. Listen for MONDAY WITH THE MASTERS twice every Monday, at Noon Eastern/9 AM Pacific, with a replay Monday night at 9 PM Eastern/6 PM Pacific and this week the spotlight is on the great JOHN MEDESKI!

In the Mid-1980’s when fusion had faded and the softer side of things began to permeate the radio with the emergence of contemporary jazz, a fun, up and funky trend sprang out of the clubs and concert halls of England that brought new life to jazz.  If you’d like to hear some just listen to our special feature THIS IS ACID JAZZ four times each week on MOJA Radio! You can hear it twice every Tuesday at 9 AM and again at 9 PM EST and twice on Sunday’s at 9 AM & 9 PM EST as part of the Sunday Specials.  The phrase Acid Jazz came from the famous English DJ Gilles Peterson and each week you’ll hear not only the music of the English groups he discovered, but artists from the USA and around the world that joined in on a movement whose repercussions still reverberate today, and the words of Mr. Peterson himself! So if you can’t get enough of that funky stuff come and get it on THIS IS ACID JAZZ four times each week on MOJA Radio!

Back in the day when rock bands like The Grateful Dead and The Allman Brothers Band took their songs on long, improvised journeys and in essence incorporated jazz elements, the stage was set for what became a major part of what we call MOJA…jambands and especially those who set out primarily to make jazz.  If you’d like to hear some just listen five times each week to the newest feature on MOJA Radio, ATTACK OF THE JAZZY JAMBANDS! You can hear it at NOON East/9 AM West every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, plus twice on Sunday at NOON Eastern/9 AM Pacific and Midnight EAST/9 PM West as part of the Sunday Specials.  Following The Dead & The Allmans came Phish then grunge from Seattle.  At the same time American Acid Jazz artists like Karl Denson & Robert Walter started attracting the same fans. Those fans began to follow Galactic and other new artists from NOLA, Medeski, Martin & Wood, John Scofield and the great artists of the North West like Skerik, and San Francisco-area groove artists like Charlie Hunter & Will Bernard! It’s jazz mixed with prog rock and punk, funk and groove, heavy metal and alternative rock. The fans of this music don’t need lyrics, they need the groove and you’ll get it all if you join us for ATTACK OF THE JAZZY JAMBANDS five times each week on MOJA Radio!

LIVE @ MOJALand happens four times each week here on MOJA Radio as we invite you to join us inside the world’s only imaginary jazz club for rare, live performances by the biggest names in Modern Jazz.  Listen Wednesday morning at 9 AM/6 AM Pacific and again Wednesday night at 9 PM Eastern/6 PM Pacific, and twice again on Sunday at 11 AM & 11 PM Eastern, as part of the Sunday Specials. This week, as we celebrate the release of the new Miles Davis CD Bitches Brew Live, we’ll go back over 40 years on a special LIVE @ MOJALand we call MILES LIVE @ NEWPORT & THE ISLE OF WIGHT.  You’ll hear Miles at the 1969 Newport Jazz Festival, his coming out party for his new electric sound, with Chick Corea, Jack DeJohnette and Dave Holland doing the music that would become Bitches Brew a few months later. Then it was on to England’s Isle of Wight Festival to play for the largest crowd a jazz musician has ever played for, over 600,000,  the help of Corea, Holland & DeJohnette joined by Gary Bartz, Airto Moriera and Keith Jarrett thrilling the crowd with an outrageous jam.  So join us for MILES LIVE @ NEWPORT & THE ISLE OF WIGHT on this week’s edition of LIVE @ MOJALand!

Every Thursday at 9 AM east/6 AM West with a replay at 9 PM East/6 PM West, and twice again on Sundays at 10 AM & 10 PM Eastern, join Russ Davis as he gives you an hour of nothing but the freshest MOJA on THE ALL NEW MUSIC REVUE.  This week we’ll debut two new songs by Miles Davis that have never been released. It’s part of the new CD Bitches Brew Live. Then there’s a new CD from the award-winning vibes master Dave Samuels, but this time it’s a departure from the Latin Jazz of Caribbean Jazz Project as he combines his vibes with organist Ron Oswanski and drummer Mardo Marcinkoto create The Organik Vibe Trio and their debut CD titled Moscow. Then it’s two new discoveries, Todd Clouser’s new CD  A Love Electric. He’s a Minneapolis born guitarist who went to Berklee in Boston but moved to Baja, Mexico to follow his dreams and along with players he met there as well as with the help of guys like Steven Bernstein has created great new project. Then we’ll top it off with another fine guitarist, Jack Pantazis, and his new one titled With The Little We Have. He’s from upstate New York and combines a great horn section and even tablas for a unique sound, plus Mike Stern joins in too. If you want to keep up with all the newest MOJA, just listen to THE ALL NEW MUSIC REVUE four times each week! Here’s the lineup for this week…


·       Miles Davis…Miles Runs The Voodoo Down…Bitches Brew Live (Columbia/Legacy)
·       Miles Davis…It’s About That Time…Bitches Brew Live (Columbia/Legacy)
·       Todd Clouser…Curtis…A Love Electric (www.toddclouser.com)
·       Todd Clouser…The Habit Kick…A Love Electric (www.toddclouser.com)
·       Jack Pantazis...Hot Tin Roof…With The Little We Have (Jack Pantazis)
·       Jack Pantazis...I’m Outta Here!…With The Little We Have (Jack Pantazis)
·       Organik Vibe Trio...Summer Night…Moscow (Organik Vibe Trio)
·       Organik Vibe Trio...Sherwood…Moscow (Organik Vibe Trio)

Every Friday beginning at 7 AM until midnight Eastern time we’ll begin each hour with a classic piece of Jazz Fusion history with our special feature we call IF IT’S FRIDAY, THIS MUST BE FUSION.  This week, as we celebrate the release of the new Miles Davis CD Bitches Brew Live, we’ll celebrate that very special moment in jazz history as we present a special feature called “MILES DAVIS: BREAKING THE RULES LIVE.” Not only will you hear the never-before released tunes from this new album recorded live at the 1969 Newport Jazz Festival, but all day we’ll go back to also enjoy more ground-breaking electric Miles performances in 1970 at The Fillmore East in New York, Tanglewood in Lenox, MA, and Washington, DC’s Cellar Door club. Listen for “MILES DAVIS: BREAKING THE RULES LIVE,” on this week’s edition of IF IT’S FRIDAY, THIS MUST BE FUSION.

This Saturday as we present our weekly feature WORDS & MUSIC on MOJA Radio we’ll celebrate the release of the new Miles Davis CD Bitches Brew Live with a special we call “TELL ME YOUR MILES STORY!” Join Russ Davis as we spend the day talking to some of the artists who played with, knew and loved the great man known as “The Prince of Darkness.” Chick Corea has a Miles story, so does Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter. John Scofield and Marcus Miller will sit down together and talk about Miles.  Plus we’ll hear from Bill Evans, Lenny White, Dave Holland, Joe Zawinul, John McLaughlin, Kenny Garrett and Mike Stern. Interview segments followed by music will begin each hour from Noon through Midnight Eastern time (9 AM-9 PM Pacific).  “TELL ME YOUR MILES STORY,” on this week’s WORDS & MUSIC.

Twice every Sunday listen for four of our most popular special features on what we call THE SUNDAY SPECIALS here on MOJA Radio. At 9 AM & 9 PM Eastern time you’ll hear an hour of fun and funky stuff on THIS IS ACID JAZZ followed at 10 AM and 10 PM Eastern time by our weekly look at the hottest new MOJA coming out on THE ALL NEW MUSIC REVUE. Then at 11 AM and 11 PM Eastern time enjoy an hour inside the world’s only imaginary modern jazz club for rare, live performances on LIVE @ MOJALAND. Then we’ll wrap it all up at NOON  and Midnight Eastern time with an hour of the modern marriage of rock, funk, groove and jazz on ATTACK OF THE JAZZY JAMBANDS! So listen for THE SUNDAY SPECIALS twice every Sunday from 9 AM to 1 PM Eastern, with a replay Sunday night from 9 PM to 1 AM Eastern/6-10 PM Pacific on MOJA Radio!

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