[JPL] This week on The Jazz Session: Four years! Ralph Bowen & Grant Stewart!

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Mon Feb 21 09:25:24 EST 2011

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(FEBRUARY 21, 2011) -- Four years! This week, The Jazz Session 
celebrates its fourth anniversary by returning to where it all began – 
an interview with saxophonist Grant Stewart. (See the show notes for 
more details.) The fourth anniversary episode features an extended 
introduction to give me time to thank everyone who has helped make the 
show a success, including YOU.

I need your help! Producing The Jazz Session costs money. For the past 
four years I’ve paid this money out of my own pocket, but I can’t afford 
to do that anymore. Please help me to continue the show by becoming a 
member. The goal is to reach 100 members by the 300th show. Join today: 

This week on my blog, I’m publishing a memoir  I began and abandoned 
five years ago. Visit http://jasoncrane.org to read it.

This is the last of these newsletter to be written in Albany, NY. Why? 
Because I’m moving to New York on Feb. 27. I’m very excited to make the 
move. For fans of The Jazz Session, this means I’ll be able to do 95% of 
my interviews in person rather than on the phone. There are also 
tentative plans to start doing some episodes live at a club in front of 
an audience. Watch this space for more news about that. Huzzah!

I still need a job. Got one? Here’s my resume:


I've been working on some weird, lo-fi noise/music using a Beep-It 
(http://unatronics.com) and other instruments and implements. You can 
hear the results at my Bandcamp page:


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This week on the show: Ralph Bowen (TJS #242, Monday) & Grant Stewart 
returns for The Jazz Session's fourth anniversary show! (TJS #243, 

Next week: Nicholas Urie (TJS #244, Monday) & Anthony Brown (TJS #245, 

Peace, love and jazz,


This week on The Jazz Session:

TJS #242: Ralph Bowen. Saxophonist Ralph Bowen returns with Power Play 
(Posi-Tone, 2011), his third CD in as many years. In this interview, 
Bowen talks about why he enjoys writing his own music; the importance of 
his bandmates in creating the right studio environment; and the lessons 
he learned from his time with Horace Silver. SHOW AVAILABLE NOW.

TJS #243: Grant Stewart (4th anniversary show!). The Jazz Session 
started four years ago today with episode #1 — an interview with 
saxophonist Grant Stewart. Four years, 243 episodes and 930,000 
downloads later, The Jazz Session is still going strong. In the 
introduction to this show, I take a moment to thank all the people 
who’ve made it possible, before welcoming my guest…

Grant Stewart returns to help celebrate the fourth anniversary, and to 
talk about his new record, Around The Corner (Sharp Nine, 2010). In this 
interview, Stewart discusses the idea of excellence versus the trend 
toward originality; talks about his recent trips around the world to 
play jazz; and outlines his own approach to playing the saxophone and 
what fulfills him as an artist. SHOW AVAILABLE STARTING 2/24/11.


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