[JPL] Todd Barkan

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Wed Feb 23 23:03:56 EST 2011

todd, my brother: sending you the best for the swiftest, most complete recovery possible.  the music needs you back on the job ASAP, man.  really enjoyed reading the JT article and hearing some of these stories again.  i have SO many fond memories of the Keystone Korner, you raised Jazz Consciousness way up on the West Coast.  the vibe you created there was so evident when one saw the artists perform.  for those of us lucky enough to hang with you & them, its just a priceless set of memories.  the ambience and atmosphere downstairs was off the charts.  thank you for personally introducing me to numerous of the heroic artists i followed!  and Thank God, SOMEBODY brought George Coleman out to the West Coast! when i had a chance to save the Keystone recordings while you were in Europe and jammed up by a storage facility, i felt like i was being given an opportunity to not only give back, but to help preserve a precious chapter of Jazz's history. 

Your energy, focus and dedication to the music has always been an inspiration.
Get better soon, 'cause the world needs

my deepest respect & warmest regards,

Ricky Schultz


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