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Thu Feb 24 11:11:05 EST 2011

just got off the phone with Todd.  remarkably (unless you know todd) he sounds great.  the accident took place in the wee hours of sunday april 13.
after 11-12 days @ Saint Lukes he is about to be transferred to a Rehabilitation-Therapy Center.  he appreciates all the positive vibes, call, and outpouring
from the jazz community.  he says his recovery should only be a couple of months and he is exhibiting that "Bright Moments" spirit, grateful to be here,
saved (and battered) by the airbags that deployed while his car was airborne.  as he described it," some maniac doing 100 mph came up behind me and drove right up
my asshole."   we talke d about how he needs to write the Keystone Korner chronicles and he pledged to be starting.

when i asked if i could do anything for him, he gave me an assignment.  in the interest of trying to complete "my assignment" and deliver for Toddly sooner-than-not:

he asked for a copy of the MPS piano duets recording featuring Earl "Fatha" Hines & Jaki Byard (there are two cannonballs pictured on the front cover of the LP).

                          Catalog No and title:  15376 Earl Hines & Jaki Byard - Duet! - 1972

btw: here's a link to a groovy video clip of the two piano greats: http://wn.com/jazz_piano_workshop_1965__jaki_byard_earl_hines.

after all the MPS Records i used to own and spin, i never knew until this morning that MPS stood for Magic Purple Sunshine!
so if anyone has a copy of this recording and would be kind enough to burn a copy, we can share some Magic Purple Sunshine with our beloved, indefatigable jazzman, Todd Barkan.

anyone who can help, kindly contact me offlist.
Bright Moments,

ricky schultz

for about 1 more day, reach Todd via:
> Saint Lukes-Roosevelt Hospital Center 
> 1111 Amsterdam Avenue 
> New York, NY 10025 
> (212) 523-4000 


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