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(FEBRUARY 28, 2011) -- OK, folks, time for some tough love. I need to 
get to 100 members by the 300th show. I’m now at 22 members with 56 
shows left. That means I need a bit more than one member per show from 
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I moved to New York yesterday and have already seen two fun shows. First 
was the Electric Choro Band with my friend James Shipp at Barbes. 
Really, really good music. It was their debut and I’ll be back for more. 
Then I went to see the Dymaxion Quartet with Gabriel Gloege as part of 
the Readin’ N Rhythm series at Union Hall. The highlight of the show for 
me was their debut performance of a musical setting of one of my poems. 
How’s that for a welcome to town? Both Shipp and Gloege have been my 
guests on The Jazz Session. You’ll find their interviews in the 
archives. And here are photos from the shows: http://bit.ly/gzaaxP

Right before I moved I shot a short video called “Poetry Cribz” – an 
exclusive look inside the home of an unknown poet. Enjoy:


I still need a job in radio, PR, advertising, communications or modern 
dance. Got one? Here’s my resume:

My abandoned memoir continues on my blog:

This week on the show: Nicholas Urie (TJS #244, Monday) & Anthony Brown 
(TJS #245, Thursday).

Next week: Scott McLemore (TJS #246, Monday) & Sarah Manning (TJS #247, 

Peace, love and jazz,


This week on The Jazz Session:

TJS #244: Nicholas Urie. Nicholas Urie’s new album, My Garden (Red Piano 
Records, 2011), features his settings of the poems of Charles Bukowski. 
In this interview, Urie talks about his identification with Bukowski, 
who, like Urie, spent much of his life in Los Angeles; the challenges of 
setting Bukowski’s non-lyrical poems; and the even greater challenge of 
getting the rights to use Bukowski’s work in the first place. SHOW 

TJS #245: Anthony Brown. Anthony Brown’s Asian American Orchestra uses 
instruments from around the world to put a unique spin on two Coltrane 
classics on their new album, India & Africa (Water Baby Records, 2010). 
In this interview, Brown gives an overview of the Asian-American jazz 
movement and its origins in Bay-area protests; discusses the challenges 
and opportunities of using non-Western instruments in a jazz setting; 
and talks about what inspired him to focus on John Coltrane’s music for 
this album. SHOW AVAILABLE STARTING 3/3/11.


Jason Crane
The Jazz Session

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"Jazz is love. Poetry is peace."
-- Hayden Carruth

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